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Open Source in Fintech Podcast: FINOS Debrief 16 April 21

April 16, 2021

In this episode of the podcast we're excited to announce new FINOS members; share a podcast in which our Executive Director reflects on the early days of FINOS (among other things); spotlight our community contributors; and highlight ways to get involved.

Episode show notes and transcripts are available below.

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Good morning, good afternoon, good evening, wherever you are. This is the FINOS Open Source in Fintech Podcast, and I'm your host, Grizz Griswold. This is the FINOS Debrief for April 16 2021. And in this edition, we're excited to announce more new FINOS members, share podcasts, which we did with our executive director reflecting on the early days of FINOS among other things, and spotlight our community contributors and highlight ways to get involved. So let's cue the intro.

Alright, so let's get into it. Welcome back, everybody. Or I guess, maybe welcome me back, I just came back from spring break, not that I'm a student anymore, but um, I do have three students living in my house. So we took a little bit of time off, and I am definitely paying for that. I've been trying to get caught up with all my work, including this podcast. And the 105th day of the year is normally tax day in the United States, but it's been extended to May 17. So that's great. But back to April 15. That is also my birthday. And the 105th day of the year has always been my New Year. Usually a lot of the goals that I set for the beginning of the year, probably readjusted by now and have taken a different stab at them in different ways. So Happy New Year, everybody.

So we've recently announced new FINOS members, Canonical and Codethink. We're delighted that Canonical has recently joined FINOS as a silver member. Canonical is an enterprise software company. And we're looking forward to leveraging canonicals deep open source expertise to celebrate collaboration across many important areas of financial services such as cloud, DevOps, and open source readiness and more. I can remember 10 plus years ago, working with Canonical bringing, Matt Asay, to speak as a keynote speaker at a conference that I used to help produce, again 10 something years ago, here in Columbia, South Carolina. So it's pretty interesting to see things, at least for me, maybe not for them come full circle.

Codethink. We're excited to share that Codethink has also joined FINOS has a silver member. Codethink provides software engineering and consultancy services, delivering critical high performance software projects across many industries, including financial services. Codethink takes pride in demonstrating their expertise through contributions to open source projects and development communities. You might have already seen them in FINOS projects and discussions. And in fact, we noticed a few of the Codethink team members months and months ago started to show up to a lot of our meetups and be very active at meetings and in raising their hand because they want to get involved. And now that they are members, they are continuing to get involved. So we thank them for everything they're doing.

Next up, Vote for FINOS. I wish I had a T shirt that said that right now. Maybe I'll make one. But FINOS has been nominated for the software solution of the year. From the FTF News Technology Innovation Awards. The FINOS community is doing great things with open source collaboration, including with numerous projects focus on establishing or extending common industry data models. Please be sure to vote for us by May 14 to show your support. And I will drop a link in the show notes.

I don't know if you can hear snoring behind me. Apparently my dog does not appreciate the fact that I'm recording anything right now. And he's asleep in his beanbag.

So I hope that none of you are falling asleep right now. I have a lulling voice. Speaking of podcasts, Gab Colombro, the Executive Director of FINOS, and I did a podcast together. It was unrehearsed and it was kind of interesting where it went to. But basically we talked about the start a Gab in open source and the start of FINOS and growing open source in financial services. There is a spoiler alert. There is some talk about Waffle Houses, accents, dreadlocks and various other somewhat random topics.

And this episode's Community Spotlight is on Andrew King. He's the principal at Suite2Goin Sydney, Australia. So thank you, Andrew for promoting open source and financial services in the APAC region by establishing and running the FINOS, APAC Open Source in Fintech Meetup series. We've really enjoyed the topics so far. And we're looking forward to more. I will put Andrew's information into the show notes, but I'll also put the link to the Symphony BDK for Java and Low Code talks that were done at the most recent APAC meetup.

And of course, we always want you to get involved. One the best ways to do that is with the FINOS Good First Issues and Help Wanted. I'll put links to all this in the show notes. But this week, we're highlighting good first issues from the Git Proxy project. Git Proxy aims to make it easier for individuals in highly regulated industries, for example, this one, financial services, to contribute to open source projects in a way that meets the info security and compliance requirements of their organizations. Again, I'll put links specifically for the Git Proxy project, but for all the panelists good first issues and help once.

And finally, as of the time of this recording, coming up on April 28, we have our FINOS All Community Call. That is the FINOS team, and actually, some project leads all come together and we discuss what is happening for Quarter Two of 2021. I'll put the registration information in the show notes and as the topics and speakers come online, we will continue to add to that information.

And in the meantime, we are planning some meetups right now virtual meetups still for May, we're should be scheduling the UK one in association with Scott Logic that should be happening as of right now, tentatively May 28. And earlier in the month. We're looking to do at least one meetup maybe a series of meetups on FDC3. As information firms up we will let you know.

I forgot to mention the next podcast to come out should be a panel discussion that we did our Open Source Readiness meeting a week ago and that is on "Running an Open Source Project from Inside a Bank". We had some awesome speakers, guest panelists on that. Stephen Goldbaum from Morgan Stanley, Paul Groves from Citi, Beeke-Marie Nelke from Goldman Sachs, and Peter Thomas from Deutsche.We should be recording a couple of other podcasts interviews with some meetup speakers from recent meetups, and also a follow up to the conversation with Gab Colombro.

If you'd like to reach out to us about being involved in one of these podcasts, please do at or That will come to myself and the rest of my marketing team.

And as always, we hope that you enjoyed this podcast. We hope that it was useful. Please let us know how we can improve it by reaching out to us at those email addresses. Also, we want to sincerely thank you for spending your time with us and invite you to connect with our community. Please subscribe to the podcast. Join us at To find out more about our community, follow us on Twitter or LinkedIn. Join our slack channels. I'll make sure I put that in the show notes to join our mailing list for weekly and bi weekly updates and just get involved for the community. This has been your host Grizz Griswold of FINOS. Good day, good night, wherever you are.



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