FINOS Events

FINOS Events


April 28, 2021, 10.00am EDT / 3.00pm BST
Online - Zoom

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Join us for our quarterly "All Community Call" where the FINOS team and community will provide updates on what's been happening within the Foundation as well as what's coming up. We're still working on some of the specifics but we'll definitely be covering the topics below.




Date and Time: April 28th at 10AM EDT / 3PM BST


State of the FINOS Community: FINOS Team

  • Board Highlights
  • New Members
  • Community Specification
  • OSSF Call for Papers
  • Community Spotlight

project & community updates:

The following presenters will be providing updates on FINOS Projects or Special Interest Groups:

KDB+:  Alvin Shih, Morgan Stanley -

DevOps Mutalization SIG:  Amol Shukla, Morgan Stanley -

Legend:  Beeke-Marie Nelke / Ephrim Stanley, Goldman Sachs -

Regulation Innovation SIG:  David Ehrich, Alliance for Innovative Regulation -

OpenFin React Hooks:  Dean Kerr, Scott Logic - 

Financial Objects SIG:  Ffion Wiggins, Goldman Sachs - 

Symphony BDK for Java:  Olivier Poupeney, Symphony - 

Cloud Service Certification:  Peter Thomas, Deutsche Bank - 

FDC3:  Riko Eksteen, Adaptive Financial Consulting - 

Symphony Java Toolkit:  Rob Moffat, Deutsche Bank - 

Morphir:  Stephen Goldbaum, Morgan Stanley -


We look forward to speaking with you then, don't miss it!



We will continue the conversation during the All Community Call on the new FINOS Slack Channel. Please read about it here, and join us!

NEW: FINOS is rolling out a Community wide single sign on (LFID)  based on the Linux Foundation LFX platform, so an LFID will be  required for this meetup. LF IDs can be created quickly and easily upon registration by authenticating with your Google, Facebook, GitHub, or LinkedIn account and allows managing all of your interactions and achievements across all Linux Foundation projects.

After registration, you will be sent the Zoom link for the All Call, as well as a calendar invite as a reminder.

This session will be recorded. The FINOS Community Code of Conduct provisions apply to this Meetup.





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