Featured Events

Featured Events

Jane Street Tech Talks - Abstractions for Expressive, Efficient Parallel and Distributed Computing

January 24, 2019, 6.15pm
Lower Manhattan - NYC

From the event producer:

Parallel and distributed systems are notoriously difficult to build correctly or efficiently. In parallel systems, the manipulation of shared state can cause unintended behavior in the presence of unpredictable task scheduling, while in distributed systems, the manipulation of replicated state can cause unintended behavior in the presence of an unreliable network. Meanwhile, decades of research have not yet produced a general solution to the problem of automatic program parallelization.

Plug and Play Morningstar: The Asset / WealthTech Advisory

January 29, 2019, 11.00am

From the Event Organizer:

Plug and Play and Morningstar have partnered to offer a unique glimpse into the future state of Asset / WealthTech, and to explore its impact on the industry.

The Advisory is bringing industry leaders and innovators to tackle key opportunities and challenges regarding: