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Developing Open Source Governance

Have you read the The State of Open Source in Financial Services report yet? The report gives insight into open source leadership, governance, collaboration and much more.

One of the key findings show that respondents have an appetite to consume and contribute to open source but lack clarity about governance, policies, processes, tools and training. As indicated in the below infographic the results show that 67% have an open source policy at their organization, 21% do not and 11% do not know. So there’s room for further improvements in the financial services industry.

Juju and Charmed Operators accelerating FINOS open source projects adoption

Orchestrating Legend with Juju

Open Source in Finance Podcast: Introducing FINOS Waltz, the Open Enterprise Project

On this episode of the podcast, FINOS Director of Community, James McLeod sits down with the Waltz maintainers from Deutsche Bank. This is on the heels of the Open Source in Finance Meetup held in London where they announced the Waltz public instance demo.
Episode show notes and transcript are available below.

Open Source in Finance Meetup: Introducing Waltz the Open Enterprise Project

At our most recent FINOS Open Source in Finance meetup in London in April, the Waltz team from Deutsche Bank announced the Public Waltz Demo Instance that is available for demo purposes - and for you to try now. The video and the link to the public instance are below.

Open Source in Finance Podcast: Jevon Beckles, Scott Logic & Alexandra Stratigos, FINOS

In this episode of the podcast - Grizz sits down with Jevon Beckles of Scott Logic & Alexandra Stratigos of FINOS to discuss the forming of the FINOS DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion) Special Interest Group that has just been announced the FINOS Community - but has been around for years in other forms. We also discuss inclusion of all the humans into this niche of open source technology in financial services and fintech - but also how to be more inclusive of non-developer types into this community as well. financial services.
Episode show notes and transcript are available below.


We’re excited to announce a new Spring Bot release in partnership with Deutsche Bank!

Building an open source ecosystem for FDC3

It’s been almost 5 years since the FDC3 standards initiative kicked off. In that time, FDC3 has grown from a gleam in the eyes of a handful of technologists to a living and thriving standard adopted by a critical mass of banks and buy-side firms as well as key data and service providers such as FactSet and Symphony. The success of the FDC3 standard has been driven by the heroic efforts of its community and maintainers, as well as by a real need in the market for an open solution to the application interop problem. 

Throughout this time, one critical piece of the ecosystem has been missing: a complete and fully open source implementation. Today I am excited to announce that this is no longer the case, and a fully Electron based open source implementation has been contributed to FINOS, where we are expecting it to be a critical resource for the FDC3 developer community.

FINOS Membership Basics

Let’s get down to basics. What we are here for, what you are entitled to and most importantly what we all can do together. 

FINOS - We're a Community Creating Open-Source Solutions for Financial Services, providing an independent setting to deliver software and standards that address common industry challenges and drive innovation.

This year more than ever, we’re focusing our attention on Member Success. Your firms joined FINOS for a reason and it is our imperative to help uncover, address and facilitate the OS needs of your organizations.

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