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FINOS Q3 2021 All Community Call Wrap Up

FINOS this year has had some incredible growth, in members, projects, and community participation. The FINOS Q3 2021 All Community Call on 21 July 21 gave the team and our project leads the opportunity to talk about accomplishments from quarter two, and give a preview into what is around the corner for the rest of 2021.
Video from the event and slides  are available below.

Open Source in Finance Podcast: FINOS Debrief 23 July 21

On this episode of the podcast we highlight upcoming events, call attention to new community tools, introduce a new project contribution, welcome you to the FINOS Community Store, share some community updates, and provide a roundup of some highlights from the quarter.
Episode show notes are available below.

TimeBase Community Edition Contributed to FINOS by EPAM

FINOS is proud to announce that EPAM's contribution of TimeBase Community Edition is now available for the FINOS Community to consume and leverage from the timebase-ce repository in GitHub.

TimeBase CE is an open source Apache 2 licensed time series database, streaming engine and messaging middleware for the financial markets domain. TimeBase CE is designed to solve business goals for both buy-side and sell-side institutions.


Open Source Readiness Webinar - Assessing the Health of an Open Source Project

At our most recent FINOS Open Source Readiness Meeting, Dave Neary, Red Hat Community Architect presented: Assessing the Health of an Open Source Project: What are the things to look out for when evaluating the community health of a project (and how does community health factor into long-term sustainability)?

This video is from a live virtual meeting conducted in the UK and US on 7 July 2021.

Open Source in Finance Podcast: FINOS Debrief 9 July 21

On this episode of the podcast we're excited for our 1 year anniversary with the LF, announce our Q3 Community Call, open FINOS LFX Insights, & get you involved in the Community!
Episode show notes are available below.

Open Source in Finance Podcast: Open Source in Finance in the APAC Region

In this episode of the podcast, in the spirit of open source, we hand over the podcast hosting duties to our friend Andrew King, Principal Consultant at Suite2Go in Australia. Andrew's guest is Peter Lees, Head of Solutions & Innovation for SUSE Asia-Pacific. Peter and Andrew discuss open source and how it pertains to financial services; the viability of open source; governance; how open source projects can flourish, and about creating community.

Episode show notes are available below.

LFX Insights Rollout for FINOS

FINOS is delighted to share that we are rolling out LFX Insights for FINOS projects. Insights gives you complete visibility into project performance and ecosystem trends. It helps you understand your contributor community and make informed decisions with analytics and reporting tools.

You can read highlights about LFX Insights below and get even more information at

Start viewing FINOS activity now at

This Is Why Your Organization Needs A Chief Open Source Officer

Open source has become a key enabler of business and technology transformation in almost all organizations. From cloud deployment to application modernization and security operation, open source plays a critical role. It is used in almost all organizations, delivers business growth, facilitates innovation, and allows organizations to respond to their technical, organizational, business and industry challenges in order to scale into new markets, products, and services. Yet, many organizations do not have open source representation in their C-Suite. Organizations may assign the responsibility for open source management to the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) or Head of IT, who may have purely technical and engineering backgrounds and mindsets, and cannot fully and appropriately represent the value of engaging in open source activities. This lack of dedicated executive representation results in open source not being understood and prioritized correctly at the C-level. The need to manage and leverage open source effectively has given rise over the past decade to the new role of Chief Open Source Officer. In this article, we argue for the need to appoint such a role to steer effective open source governance that is aligned with corporate governance, its mission and vision. The position requires a strong presence within the top executive team that can set the right level of engagement for an open source strategy.


By Gilles Gravier, Director & Reza Alavi, Managing Consulting, Both of Open Source Consulting Practice, Wipro Limited

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