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A banker and a developer walk into a bar…

Sounds like the beginning of a bad joke, right? Perhaps, but now that FINOS has officially launched, we’ve been focusing on bridging the gaps in understanding and perspective that exist between traditional front office executives and the growing ranks of technologists within financial services firms, including in the C suite.

Mazy Dar of OpenFIN Explains FDC3 and Why Open Source Matters


Symphony Hosted First Developer Meetup - May 16th

Symphony hosted its first Developer Meetup at Google New York on 5/16. More than 50 attendees enjoyed sessions on Machine Learning and building intelligent bots inside their firm using Symphony's API Clients and Development tools.

Open Source Transformation of the Financial Desktop with OpenFin & FINOS

June 01, 2018

The following is a cross-post from FINOS Gold Member OpenFin

Engine of Innovation: FINOS Developer Community

On the back of our launch TuesdayFINOS’ mission to drive open innovation in finance is now underway. While this endeavor has a laundry list of priorities, we’ll admit to having a few objectives that are first among equals. Empowering the developers and other technology professionals in this industry, especially engaging with them in a vibrant community, is at the top of our list.

Starting an Open Source Program at your Finserv or FinTech

Last week we welcomed open source expert Jim Jagielski to the New York Open Source Fintech Meetup, where he gave an engaging presentation about implementing open source programs: why financial services firms and fintechs need them and how to establish and run an effective one. Check out Jim’s full presentation below.

What it Takes to Build a Software Foundation

February 02, 2018

It’s no secret that Travis CI loves open source. Travis CI is the home of 
open source testing and is available to use for any open source software project out there. It helps ensure that best practices are followed, and helps improve overall software quality.

Outlook for Open Source in FinTech 2018

We kicked off the new year with our first monthly Open Source and FinTech Meetup at Rise New York last Monday for an evening of networking, drinks, and an interactive panel discussion. The meetup was co-hosted by the Symphony Software Foundation and TTM Advisors and welcomed over 50 New Yorkers interested in the intersection of open source and FinTech.
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