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The FINOS Regulation Innovation Special Interest Group (SIG) is a community of people interested in creating open-source solutions for regulatory and compliance issues in financial services. This SIG was approved by the FINOS Governing board in October 2020 and is co-chaired by Kabir Rekhi (RBC) and Stephen Goldbaum (Morgan Stanley). 

Participants of the Regulation Innovation SIG meet monthly on the first Tuesday. Learn more at and subscribe to the SIG mailing list to get involved.

 The leads for the Regulation Innovation and Financial Objects SIG are coming together and leading a proposal to form a RegTech Council (RTC), which will invest in projects that enable regulatory innovation and delivery. What we need is:

  • Input from industry experts.
  • Resource commitment, investment, and commitment to implement from organizations and senior internal stakeholders.

Express your interest in joining RTC to be part of the future of RegTech innovation and enjoy membership benefits, including reduced costs, lower compliance risk, and access to a global network of experienced professionals.


We believe that Open Source Software, Standards and Best Practices can unlock significant value for financial regulators and the entire financial ecosystem. This lays the foundations for a robust market infrastructure and ultimately boosts innovation and welfare by freeing up resources.

Leverage (and contribute to) open source code developed by financial services technologists
Develop and implement open standards used across the industry to meet regulatory requirements
Leverage open standards, technology and tooling to automate manual processes
Access information and eventually real-time reporting
In policy making and inspection when open standards & open source are used


The Open RegTech Initiative facilitates mutualized interpretation/implementation by:

  1. Providing truly open source frameworks & open standards that serve as the foundational technology
  2. Creating Special Interest Groups as venues where collective use cases can be identified, prioritized and resourced
  3. Supporting collaborative open source development of both technology and financial business aligned regulations























RegTech Morgan Stanley, Microsoft, and Regnosys Break New Ground in RegTech with FINOS

In a three-day TechSprint organized by FINOS, a collaborative effort involving developers from multiple organizations successfully developed a Rosetta-to-Morphir code generator, demonstrating the potential of open-source components to efficiently address trade reporting rules, particularly for the US CFTC requirements.


FINOS RegTech Council ESG Data Industrialization HackathonFINOS

The FINOS RegTech Council conducted an ESG Data Industrialization Hackathon in October 2023, engaging 65 participants from 18 organizations. The challenge aimed to enhance banks' efficiency in utilizing third-party ESG data for EU regulatory reporting through the implementation of a shared data model and translation tools. The benefits include cost reduction, operational risk mitigation, and the achievement of commercially viable results through collaborative efforts, improved speed, safety, and cost-effectiveness. Participants were encouraged to establish an opensource schema, develop tools for risk reduction in data mapping, and ensure data lineage meeting quality measures between producers and consumers.


Barclays announces repo hackathon using CDM

In September 2023, Barclays organized a hackathon in collaboration with industry associations and fintech foundations, challenging participants to use the FINOS Common Domain Model (CDM) industry standard and Barclays-provided APIs to prototype solutions that address inefficiencies in post-trade processing for repo transactions, aiming to create an industry-wide data architecture and technology solution for streamlined trade flows and operational efficiencies. Read the summary of the hackathon. 


Financial Technology Forum News: Does FINOS have a regulatory blueprint for Cloud?

Eugene Grygo at FTF News writes: a cloud standard from FINOS could become the basis for much-needed cloud global regulation. Should global regulators create regulations based on a relatively new set of open-source standards that provide consistent controls over cybersecurity?


FINOS Announces Formation of an Open Standard Project for Financial Services: Common Cloud Controls

Based upon an approach developed by FINOS Platinum Member Citi, to describe consistent controls for compliant public cloud deployments in the financial services sector.


A discussion of "The Future of the Securities Lending Market: An Agenda for Change"

 ISLA published a paper entitled ‘The Future of the Securities Lending Market | An Agenda for Change’ in September 2019, looking at the conjunction of market complexity, technical architecture and regulatory impacts. The conclusion reached was that a transformation was overdue and the solution would be underpinned by common standards.


CDM Now Available In Python

A recent contribution to the CDM project makes it available in the Python programming language for the first time, which will allow a new community of developers to use the CDM in their projects.


Common Domain Model into Open Source at FINOS

Read more about CDM's journey into open source, project contribution guidelines, principles, and frequently asked questions.


Waters Technology: Finos Sees Opportunity for Open Source in RegTech Space

In June 2020, Rebecca Natale, Waters Technology, reports on a conversation with Gabriele Columbro, FINOS Executive Director, on the vision and progress of the Open RegTech initiative.


What Objections Would A Regulator Have To Open Source?

FINOS member Adaptive argues that RegTech is a strong candidate to become a utility, and to be open sourced. In this article, Adaptive CEO Matt Barrett looks at some of the potential concerns a regulator might have with this model.


FINOS Launches Open RegTech Initiative

At its annual, flagship Open Source Strategy Forum (OSSF) held virtually in conjunction with the Linux Foundation on November 13th, 2020, FINOS announced the launch of the FINOS Open RegTech initiative, which aims to expand the successful open collaboration model built between financial institutions, FinTech and technology firms to regulators and RegTech companies. See the press coverage in Bloomberg, FinExtra, and Markets Media.



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