Financial technology is moving toward open innovation. FINOS members are leading the way. We're home to:
10 of the top 30 U.S. banks (by assets under management)
of the top 30 U.S. banks (by AUM)
More than 300 community contributors
community contributors
More than 15 in-person events annually
in-person events annually
30 members and growing
members (and growing!)

Why join FINOs?

Open innovation has given rise to many of the software innovations that are rapidly transforming the financial services industryfrom the cloud, to big data, to blockchain.  But all of these came from outside of financial services. To spur this kind of innovation within our industry, we first have to create the right environment for it. Our goal is to break down barriers to collaborationbetween financial services firms and even within individual firms—to enable the cross-pollination of ideas necessary to spark transformative solutions to shared problems.

Membership Benefits

These are the benefits available to all corporate members of FINOS:
  • Propose new programs to be hosted by the Foundation
  • Access to the Board of directors depending on the selected tier
  • Influence direction and investment of the Foundation's resources in our Community activities
  • Proactive support from our Member Success team in the legal, technical, and cultural aspects of Open Source engagement and maturity growth
  • Get priority access to all FINOS events, including the Open Source Strategy Forum —free for all your employees
  • Gain exclusive insights into member-only whitepapers and surveys
  • Secure positioning with the Foundation’s marketing, promotional, and social media outreach activities

Download our Membership 2-page Brochure or our Member Introduction Deck for an overview of our corporate membership benefits.

Membership Levels

Our mission is to move the entire financial services industry toward collaboration. Our corporate members are the companies moving with us. Whether you're an international bank or an early-stage fintech, a FINOS membership can accelerate your path to open innovation. These are the benefits available to the different levels of FINOS members.

Platinum ($200,000)

  • Appoint a member of the FINOS board of directors
  • Premium positioning at FINOS events and in marketing efforts

Gold ($50,000)

  • Participate in elections for five members of the FINOS board of directors
  • Positioning at FINOS events and in marketing efforts

Silver ($10-30,000)

  • Participate in election for one member the FINOS board of directors
  • Opportunities for positioning at FINOS events and in marketing efforts

Individual (At-Large)

  • Opportunities to participate in FINOS events and thought-leadership 



Interested in becoming a member of the Fintech Open Source Foundation (FINOS)? The Foundation has four levels of membershipPlatinum, Gold, Silver and Individualthat represent different levels of participation based on an organization’s business profile and size.
If you'd like to apply for or inquire about membership, please get in touch using the link below or by emailing

The Voice of our Community

Dan Schleifer, chartiq

ChartIQ strongly believes that open standards are critical for the future of our industry, and actively participates in these groups. FINOS is the linchpin when it comes to organizing technical leaders from the buy-side, sell-side, and vendor ecosystem.

Colin Eberhardt, scott logic

Open Source is a well-established and proven model, the benefits of which the financial services community hasn't yet fully realized. FINOS will provide a new model for collaboration, allowing these benefits to be reaped.