An important announcement on FINOS + OS-Climate


As announced at the Open Source in Finance Forum 2024 London, we’re excited to share some exciting news: OS-Climate has merged with FINOS as a Supplemental Directed Fund!

In May, the FINOS Governing Board approved this strategic merger. OS-Climate focuses on climate finance and sustainability-aligned investing, developing essential data technologies, modeling, and analytic tools for global climate change mitigation and resilience. Read the press release here.

Why It's Great for FINOS Members

This merger is a win-win for both foundations and especially our members. By combining forces, we can focus our efforts through a single, stronger, and more sustainable foundation. This unified effort will help meet the growing demand for data and analytics solutions, enabling a more agile response to new regulations like the EU CSRD.

How to Get Involved

FINOS members are invited to join this important work.

For non-members, become a FINOS member here or reach out to

Stay tuned for more updates. If you have any questions, please reach out to the Member Success Team.