Press Releases

Press Releases

FINOS Welcomes Six Industry Leaders As New Members, To Enhance Buy-Side Connectivity, Cloud and Supply Chain Security Initiatives

March 07, 2024

Landmark additions of BlackRock, Microsoft, Publicis Sapient, Syntasso, Tidelift and Tradeheader to accelerate industry-wide adoption of critical FINOS projects across the value chain

NEW YORK, NY - March 7, 2024 - The Fintech Open Source Foundation (FINOS), the financial services umbrella of the Linux Foundation, is pleased to announce the addition of new members to its ecosystem: BlackRock (NYSE: BLK), Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT), and Publicis Sapient (OTCMKTS: PUBGY) have joined as Gold Members, while GitLab (NASDAQ: GTLB) has elevated their commitment from Silver to Gold Membership. Additionally, Syntasso, Tidelift and TradeHeader have joined at the Silver Membership level.

Milestone Update for the Common Domain Model

December 04, 2023


LONDON – December 4, 2023 - FINOS, the Fintech Open Source Foundation announces in partnership with The International Securities Lending Association (ISLA), International Capital Market Association (ICMA), and International Swaps and Derivatives Association (ISDA), the launch of version 5.0 of the Common Domain Model (CDM), released in November. This major release, hosted on FINOS, features a multitude of technical, product, and event improvements.

FINOS Annual Report Reveals Surging Open Source Adoption as The Foundation Unveils Training and Certification to Further Accelerate Industry-Wide Contribution

November 01, 2023


The State of Open Source in Financial Services 2023 report uncovers the need for new training and certification based on the experience of the largest global financial institutions which now encourage consumption and contribution to open source projects

FINOS Announces FDC3 2.1 Version and Learning Offerings as the Standard Grows in Adoption and Talent Demand Soars

October 30, 2023


As downloads grew 5x this year, financial services institutions and application developers can now accelerate their FDC3 skillsets through new Linux Foundation Training and Certification programs

FINOS Announces the Open Sourcing of FINOS Common Cloud Controls to Address Cybersecurity, Compliance and Cloud Concentration Risks in Financial Services

October 24, 2023

Open standard launches following monumental industry-wide support with more than 100 participants from 20+ firms during formation phase.

FINOS Expands Its Ecosystem with Twelve New Members, Accelerating Open Source Growth in Financial Services

October 17, 2023


NEW YORK, NY – October 17, 2023 - The Fintech Open Source Foundation (FINOS), the financial services umbrella of the Linux Foundation, today announced the addition of two new gold members: Hedera and, Sonatype as well as nine new silver members: ComplianceCow, Concourse Labs, Connectifi, Container Solutions, Kinetix, Leading Point,Orkes, Percona, StormForge, and one new associate member: Interledger Foundation. The continued expansion of FINOS members, ranging from established financial institutions to fintechs, showcases the transformative power of open source within the financial services industry. These members will be announced on stage at the Open Source in Finance Forum (OSFF), on November 1st in New York City, as they represent diverse and leading edge players across the entire financial service open source supply and value chain. The continued momentum of membership, now totalling an impressive 79 organizations globally, demonstrates FINOS' commitment to driving innovation and collaboration across the industry.

The Linux Foundation and Fintech Open Source Foundation (FINOS) Announce Keynote Speakers for Open Source in Finance Forum 2023

October 03, 2023

Global visionaries headline the premier open source in finance event in the world, addressing artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, cloud financial management and concentration risk, mainframe computing, frontend engineering, diversity recruiting, research, and more.

FINOS Announces Formation of an Open Standard Project for Financial Services Common Cloud Controls to Address Compliance and Cloud Concentration Risks

July 27, 2023

Championed by Citi and joined by over 10 global financial firms, the project welcomes broad industry participation across financial services, technology and cloud service providers.

FINOS Announces New FDC3 2.0 Conformance Program and New FDC3 Certified Desktop Agents

June 15, 2023

FDC3 is now widely adopted as a cross-industry interoperability standard and it’s experiencing a major investment from the ecosystem at large

FINOS Expands into Emerging Technologies with the Launch of Zenith SIG

June 14, 2023

Organization aims to provide an avenue for shared R&D across financial services and  a concrete path to production adoption of transformative technologies in the financial services industry through open source