LEGEND Project Overview

LEGEND Project Overview

On November 20, 2019, at FINOS' flagship conference, the Open Source Strategy Forum, FINOS Platinum member Goldman Sachs announced its intention to open source into FINOS:

  • Its internally developed logical modeling language, referred to within the bank as "PURE", and
  • A suite and workbench of tools, including a visual modeling platform, collectively referred to as "Legend", and used to build, design, and execute, PURE models

The PURE language, together with four modules - Studio, SDLC, Engine and Shared - were open sourced into FINOS in October 2020 (see press release here). Collectively they were also given a new name: Legend.


Check out the Legend open source code and available materials below, and send a note to legend+subscribe@finos.org to subscribe for Legend updates:

Legend Open Source Code

Legend Documentation Site

Legend Roadmap

Legend overviews and demos by the Goldman Sachs team


Use the form below to request an account on the FINOS shared (public) instance of Legend.

The shared instance of Legend is provided free-of-charge and as-is. It is primarily intended to be used for shared modeling efforts conducted by FINOS members and other non-member community participants as part of FINOS hosted projects or initiatives. Please read the Terms of Service for more information.

Anyone is welcome to request an account on the shared instance. Requests for accounts will be fulfilled based on FINOS staff availability as well as the rationale stated below for wanting an account and/or any connection between a request and the work of an ongoing FINOS project. Additional consideration will be also given to account requests from FINOS members.

FINOS reserves the right to pause, throttle, and/or group requests into limited availability tranches based on demand, load, and/or FINOS capacity.