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Establish Your Open Source Leadership and Communication Strategy

FINOS’ recent report on The State of Open Source in Financial Services highlighted a number of key insights into open source leadership, governance, collaboration and much more.

One of the key findings indicated that firms could benefit from making open source part of their strategy and culture with clear leadership and communication. The results show that 50% of respondents had a leader for fostering an open source culture within their firm. So there’s definitely room for more organizations to embrace the concept.


Grandmothers and Diversity

FSI Hackathon for Autism

At the end of last month FINOS engaged with the FSI Community for the 5th annual Hackathon for Autism.

FINOS Announces New Governing Board Representative Nureen D'Souza

The FINOS team is delighted to welcome Nureen D’Souza, Director, Open Source Program Office, Capital One to the FINOS Governing Board, following her election as the 4th Gold representative.


TRAC Data and Analytics Platform is now Open Source in FINOS

FINOS and the Accenture team are excited to announce that TRAC D.A.P. has been successfully contributed to the Open Source Community and is now available as a FINOS hosted project at

FINOS Hires Two New Team Members in Marketing and Projects

We’re excited to announce two new members to the FINOS team; Niamh Parker joined us as our new Marketing Manager and Rob Moffat as our Senior Technical Architect. 

Open Source in Finance Podcast:  Compliant Financial Infrastructure & Eddie Knight - Managing Consultant, Synechron

In this episode of the of the podcast, James McLeod, FINOS Director of Community sits down with Eddie Knight, Managing Consultant at Synechron, and one of the leads on the FINOS Compliant Financial Infrastructure (CFI) Project. Eddie recently spoke at our Open Source in Finance Meetup in New York a couple of weeks ago. We talk about some of his developer and contributor journey, Synechron's role in open source, and the CFI project as well.
Episode show notes and transcript are available below.

Open Source in Finance Podcast:  FINOS New Senior Technical Architect - Rob Moffat

In this episode of the podcast - Grizz sits down with Rob Moffat, our new Senior Technical Architect, to discuss his developer journey from banks to FINOS, and then a developer's thoughts on the power of open source in financial services.
Episode show notes and transcript are available below.
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