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Open Source in Fintech Podcast: FINOS Debrief 1 April 21

April 01, 2021
In this episode of the podcast, we highlight new members, share exciting news about more FINOS awards, tell you about a new ways to recognize our contributors, and provide a roundup of some highlights from the quarter.
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Good morning, good afternoon, good evening wherever you are. This is the FINOS Open Source in Fintech Podcast and I'm your host Grizz Griswold, and this is the FINOS Debrief for April 1, 2021. In this episode of the podcast we finish off quarter one of 2021 by highlighting new members, sharing exciting news about more FINOS awards, tell you about new ways to recognize our contributors, and provide a roundup of some highlights from the quarter. So let's cue the intro.

And welcome to April, a month of searching for tax breaks here in the United States... Plus we have bank holidays that are about to happen in many countries. We just finished Passover, heading into Easter and Ramadan, and some Asian countries have new year's this month too. I apologize if I missed any please let me know if I did. Plus someone in this room on this podcast has a birthday coming up on the 15th which is also Tax Day here in the United States, and as I've grown older I now understand why my parents were happy on my birthday but also a little bit sad some years.

Alright moving on.

So the FINOS Debrief is our way with this podcast to get out information about what is happening within FINOS within the Foundation. So we will be doing this every two weeks and we also have some interviews and guest panel talks that are coming up soon to work experimenting with the forms of the podcast so if you have any feedback please let us know. But I'm keeping this one because apparently this is going to become my emotional dumping ground. And by the way I like to joke a little bit. So I'm sorry in advance.

And now the actual Debrief. We have new members at FINOS. Last week a press release came out called "FINOS shoulders open source movement in finance and beyond by expanding reach across professional services technology and nonprofit sectors". I will put that in the show notes as usual, but we'd really like to extend a warm welcome to Accenture, Armory, and InnerSource Commons. You can read more about each of those companies in the press release and there are links to each one of the companies to.

Next up is a shameless plug. Now as a nonprofit foundation at FINOS with there are not too many things that we actually shamelessly plug except for maybe our projects and the fact that you can become a member. If you're interested in doing that we will hook you up with the right people, but that's not important now. Our shameless plug right now is we're thrilled that FINOS has been shortlisted for the Software Solution of the Year in the Financial Technologies Forum Technology Innovation Awards the FINOS community is proving that open source collaboration can solve industry challenges and prove business value. Vote for us by May 14 to show that you agree. I will drop that link in the show notes.

And then speaking of awards, FINOS was highly commended by the A-Team Innovation Awards 2021 for the Most Innovative use of Open Source and Cloud Technologies. I believe that we mentioned last time that my friend, boss, and mentor Tosha Ellison who's the FINOS COO was recognized by as the Vendor Partnership or Alliance Professional of the Pear in Waters Technology's Women In Technology & Data Awards; and FINOS also received the Waters Technology's American Financial Technology Award for 2020 for the Best Collaboration Initiative recognizing work done on the FINOS Legend platform. The Legend platform that was open sourceD through us by Goldman Sachs.

And speaking of recognition, one of our initiatives for 2021 is recruiting, rewarding, and retaining contributors, and we want to let you know that you can recognize FINOS contributors too. Each bi-weekly newsletter, that means again every two weeks not twice a week, we recognize members of our community through the FINOS Community Spotlight. But this time, we want to let you know that you can also recognize members of the community. If you know anyone who provides significant contributions to the foundation in our activities and deserves some recognition then let us know. It's pretty easy to do, it makes a difference. And if you would like to highlight anybody, we have a recognition form. You can also see most recent recognitions within one of our GitHub repos. I will put that in the show notes.

On the compliance front, EasyCLA is coming to FINOS. The Linux Foundation is rolling out a new version of its EasyCLA tool, making it even easier to manage and approve project contributors. And we're getting ready to make this available for the FINOS community. You can learn more at the informational webinar taking place on April 8th, that will be where in the show notes.

And then in other news, don't forget to join our FINOS Slack channels and engage with discussions with the community on specific projects, special interest groups, and open source in general. There'll be a link to that here in the show notes.

And be sure to get involved with new projects contributed to FINOS this quarter, including Symphony BTK for Java. Specifically for Symphony BTK for Java, we just had one of the Symphony employees. Yong Sheng Tan, who is from Singapore, speak at our FINOS APAC Open Source in Fintech meetup last week. It was based on Sydney time, so some of you in our listening audience may have missed it. That is on or the video for that is on the website. I will put a link, of course in the show notes.

And then there are also two new Financial Objects projects: Product Control Common Template and Commodities Payout Terms. And I will put links to those there also.

In our newsletters, and also in our podcasts, we will always try to get you involved with contributing to FINOS and to open source projects in our Good First Issues and Help Wanted. There are going to be links, of course in the show notes. But this week, we're highlighting good first issues from the Legend project. Legend is a flexible platform that offers solutions to explore, define, connect and integrate data into your business processes, and was contributed to FINOS by Goldman Sachs.

So let's look forward to the month of April and events that are coming up within the foundation. There are always project meetings that go on on a weekly basis. And there will be of course a link for that. But we just finished up FINOS Open Source in Fintech meetup this morning as of this recording, which was yesterday for you all or maybe weeks after, I'm not sure. But it was How to Build an Order Book Simulation with Perspective. And this the Perspective project that was open sourced by JP Morgan Chase a couple of years ago, actually. And Andrew Stein, who's an Executive Director at JPMorgan Chase, presented that today. We are working on a podcast with him to do a little bit deeper dive plus, I've already talked to him about possibly doing a longer form longer than 30 minutes. Maybe workshop on Perspective with he and his team. So if you're interested in that, please let us know. Coming and the video should be posting today, actually. So it'll be on our website. There'll be a link for that.

Next week, April 7 at 10am, our Open Source Readiness project we'll have a panel discussion that will be Running An Open Source Project From Inside A Bank. And the speakers from that will be Steven Goldbaum who's an Executive Director at Morgan Stanley, Peter Thomas, who's a Distinguished Engineer of Technology, Data and Innovation at Deutsche Bank. And Paul groves, who is a Lead Architect of Client Onboarding at Citi Group. And should be a good discussion; if you are not able to be there for that there's a good chance that that will actually become a podcast itself.

On I believe is April 21. We will be having a Governing Board meeting which is not open, but then the week after that we will be talking about initiatives that will be coming out of that board meeting on our FINOS All Community Call on April 28 at 10am Eastern that be 3pm British Summertime, BST. And you can register for that event it will be in the show notes it'll be on the FINOS website.

We hope this FINOS Debrief has been informative and if you're looking to get in touch with us reach out at to get involved with the community; or if you're wanting to talk to us about events or webinars or podcasts reach out at We at FINOS want to sincerely thank you for spending your time with us and we invite you to connect with our community. Please subscribe to the podcast join us at to find out more about our community. Follow us on Twitter or LinkedIn, or join our mailing list for weekly updates for This Week at FINOS or every two weeks, again bi-weekly, every two weeks for our newsletter. And just get involved with the community.

And this has been your host Grizz Griswold of FINOS. Good day and good night wherever you are.



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