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FINOS Q4 & OSFF Announcements

December 13, 2022

We wanted to thank our FINOS Community for their interest in the NYC version of the Open Source in Finance Forum, either in person, for the keynote livestream, or by reading our thousands of emails.

As advertised, this year's NY conference broke records in registration and attendance, so thank you to our speakers, our sponsors, and all of our attendees!

View the on-demand videos here.

Here's an overview of the announcements in the FINOS ecosystem that came out before and during conference:

The 2022 State of Open Source in Financial Services Report

Straight off the presses - the second and annual installment of the State of Open Source in Financial Services report was launched at OSFF last week. FINOS, along authors from Red Hat, Scott Logic, and the Linux Foundation Research team, brought this report to life in a keynote panel, moderatedby Penny Crosman of American Banker (video coming next week).


FDC3 Conformance Program & App Directory Beta

FINOS is excited to announce the FDC3 Conformance program is ready for version 1.2 of the standard (and nearly complete for the 2.0 version). We announced the first three platforms who are officially certified against the standard at OSFF. 

Plus, we announced the beta version of the FDC3 Application Directory - the first, open, free, and public FDC3-2.0 Compliant App Directory! You can browse a growing collection of apps, or you can download FDC3 Sail (which uses this app directory by default) and see how they all interact together.


Open Source Maturity Model Released as Part of Open Source Readiness (OSR)

The Open Source Maturity Model (OSMM) allows you to understand where your organization is on its open source journey.

By answering a series of questions, the OSMM framework evaluates your organization's open source maturity, providing a snapshot of its current stage. This stage is based on your organization's current culture, policies, processes, practices, and resources.


Backplane Contributed by NatWest

Desktop Agent bridge, aka 'Backplane', is a component which allows different desktop agents to connect and communicate through websockets. It was contributed by NatWest last month, and announced at OSFF last week.


FINOS Community & Member Awards

The FINOS Ecosystem doesn't exist without the support of its members and community that are formed around our open source projects. Luckily, we get to thank and honor these folks at OSFF. Read more about the awards!


FINRA "FIRST™" Presented to FINOS Community for Comments

FINRA announced the launch of its machine-readable rulebook initiative (FINRA Rulebook Search Tool™ - FIRST™), designed to enhance firms’ compliance efforts, reduce costs, and aid in risk management. We had FINRA Director of Innovation, Haimera Workie, discuss this work in a member only reception the night before the conference.

The initiative features:
  • FINRA’s development of a regulatory taxonomy, which has been applied (or “tagged”) to a number of frequently viewed FINRA rules;
  • The launch of the FINRA Rulebook Search Tool™ - FIRST™ ; and
  • The integration of rulebook content via an Application Programming Interface (API)
Further information on this initiative can be found in FINRA’s Special Notice, which lists out a series of questions about the future development of the project. FINRA is inviting the public to submit a formal comment to both provide feedback on its efforts, as well as input on the potential future direction of the initiative. The public comment period is currently open and ends on February 21, 2022.


ICYMI - New FINOS Members Announced From Stage

As a follow up to our new member press release in mid-November, we were able to great our seven new members from stage:

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