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Congratulations to the FINOS Americas Member and Community Award Winners 2022

December 13, 2022

During our recent Open Source in Finance Forum, we had the opportunity to recognize many of the incredible individuals and companies making significant contributions and creating a positive impact in open source in financial services. We're extremely grateful for all of their work, along with so many others, and want to give them another shout out in this post!


Breaking the Status Quo - BMO 2



These awards celebrate our members’ commitment and contribution to our community and were announced on stage at OSFF on December 8th.

Most Active Member, determined by active participation metrics.

Winner: Goldman Sachs

Leading the Pack, providing leadership roles in multiple projects and initiatives.

Winner: Cosaic

Breaking the Status Quo, company making significant progress on open source readiness.

Winner: Bank of Montreal Capital Markets (BMO)

Spread the Word, member most actively engaging in FINOS marketing.

Winner: Synechron

Going "All In", company driving engagement in many areas including consumption, contribution, and open source readiness.

Winner: NatWest Capital Markets



These awards celebrate the efforts of the FINOS community (members and non-members) to advance open source collaboration in financial services and were on stage at OSFF on December 8th.

Shining Star, project going above and beyond to engage the community.

Winner: Legend

Most Active Individual, determined by active participation metrics.

Winner: An Phi, Goldman Sachs

Outstanding Leadership, providing leadership across many aspects of our community.

Winner: Cara Delia, Red Hat

Coaching Award, individual driving significant progress open source readiness.

Winner: FDC3 Maintainers 

Individual newcomer, individual most active on a FINOS project within the last year.

Winner: Olof Kallander, Symphony

Spread the Word, member and contributors most actively engaging in FINOS marketing.

Winner: Michal Hershkovitz, Mend




Once again, a huge thank you to our FINOS Members and community!