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FINOS Waltz Project Takes Home Top Finance Prize at OpenUK Awards

January 04, 2023

FINOS is proud to celebrate the success of Waltz, a project originally contributed by Deutsche Bank, in winning the OpenUK Finance Award at The House of Lords, London on November 30th 2022. This prestigious OpenUK Award recognizes outstanding contributions to the field of open source technology in finance where Waltz is the well deserving and worthy recipient.

Waltz allows organizations to gather information about their IT estate from multiple sources, including details on applications, infrastructure, data, processes and costs. It pulls the information together intelligently and displays it in a powerful, easy to use interface. The result is an unprecedented level of transparency for decision makers over their complex IT environments.

Speaking on behalf of the Waltz project, David Watkins, Waltz Lead Maintainer and Deutsche Bank Engineering Director, celebrates by reflecting on the encouragement and contribution Waltz has received by the FINOS and wider financial services open source community. 

“Since, and even prior to Waltz becoming a FINOS project, the response and engagement from the developer community towards it has been extremely positive. One of Waltz’s strengths is that it is designed to be agnostic of organizational structures, meaning it allows teams to use its building blocks to shine a light on the technology components that matter. Ultimately it works by leveraging the shared knowledge of an organization’s employees so it’s fitting that, as an open source solution, the code is also able to leverage the shared expertise of the developer community.”

The FINOS Waltz project is maintained by Deutsche Bank’s David Watkins and Jessica Woodland-Scott who have previously won FINOS community awards for their outstanding contributions to open source. 

Nichola Hammerton, Deutsche Bank Head of Group Architecture, celebrates Waltz winning the OpenUK Finance Award by congratulating the team on their tremendous effort and reflecting upon the critical role open source now plays in the financial services industry.  

“Waltz continues to go from strength to strength and is a great example of why open technology is so important. Many of the challenges we face across financial services are common, and Waltz confronts one of the most fundamental - how to visualize your technology landscape in a meaningful way. In the last few years the team has put tremendous effort into developing Waltz and maturing the detailed insights that it presents, as well as engaging the open source community, and it’s fantastic to see this achievement recognised. Open source code has a critical role to play in bringing common standards to organizations via high quality, transparent code, and Waltz is an excellent example of this in action.”

The OpenUK Finance Award winning Waltz project is a prime example of the power of open source collaboration through FINOS to drive progress and the advancement of technology in the financial services industry.

Start leveraging and contributing to Waltz by visiting FINOS, the Waltz Project Website and the Waltz Repository on GitHub.


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