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Contributor Spotlight: Jon Freedman on open source, the future of work and collaborating in financial services

Jon Freedman, head of trading technology at Brevan Howard, was one of the earliest contributors to the Foundation. Along with leading the hubot-symphony project, which was the first project to achieve “active” status, he is one of the most active committers in the community. On top of all of this, we’re also happy to say that he is our latest at-large member.

FinDEVR New York 2017 - Deliver your OSS Symphony Integration in minutes

Webinar recap: an introduction to the symphony software foundation project life cycle

On March 2, we hosted our very first webinar of the year, An introduction to the Symphony Software Foundation project life cycle. During the discussion Peter Monks, our VP of Technology, reviewed the refined Foundation project life cycle and addressed: 

Contributor spotlight: Matt Joyce of Symphony on open source projects and their long-term potential

February 22, 2017

Open source is valuable in many ways, and as more and more people in the financial services industry realize this and embrace said value, it creates a mutually beneficial ecosystem for those involved.

Member spotlight: Frank Tarsillo of IHS Markit on open source, the Foundation and the value of collaboration

December 16, 2016

Frank Tarsillo, Managing Director and Head of Architecture for the Financial Markets division at IHS Markit, has been an integral member of Symphony Software Foundation.

Through his contribution of projects, IHS Markit’s gold membership, participation in working groups and his role in the Engineering Steering Committee (ESCo), he has helped shape the Community and continued to drive collaboration.

FinJS NYC - Open Source and Finance Panel Recap

November 07, 2016

FinDEVr 2016 - Open: The Cornerstone of True Collaboration

November 03, 2016

The “new world” of work: New World Symphony Brings Developers together to Build the Future

October 06, 2016

This year’s New World Symphony, powered by the Symphony Software Foundation, was an exciting day of coding and workshopping that got us one step closer to a “new world” of work within the Symphony platform.


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