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FinDEVr 2016 - Open: The Cornerstone of True Collaboration

November 03, 2016

FinDEVr Silicon Valley Presenter Profile

The Symphony Software Foundation is an independent non­profit organization formed to sustain the Open Governance, Open Source development, and adoption of Symphony as the industry-standard secure messaging platform. Symphony makes it easier and safer for organizations in regulated industries to communicate and collaborate behind and across the firewall, while maintaining full compliance.

The Symphony Software Foundation hosts an ecosystem of Open Source projects and working groups that enable Open Collaboration in Financial Services on the Symphony Platform.


Open: The Cornerstone of True Collaboration

Enterprise collaboration has historically been dominated by proprietary platforms, especially in highly regulated industries like FinServ. Learn how the Foundation is building an open ecosystem that fosters industry-wide collaboration, enabling your firm to stay on top of the FinTech revolution.

What You’ll Learn

  • How Open Source is accelerating the ecosystem around the Symphony Communication Platform
  • Success stories from the Foundation
  • How you can participate and contribute today


Peter Monks, VP, Technology | @pmonks

Before joining the Symphony Software Foundation, Peter was previously the Principal Product Manager at Inkling. He was also the Director of Platform Product Management at Alfresco. Peter has a wealth of expertise in Developer Platforms, Open Source, and SaaS & Collaboration.