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OSFF Insights: Accelerating Regulatory Compliance with Generative AI with Stephen Goldbaum, Brooke Wenig, and Kabir Rekhi

April 18, 2024
In this insightful discussion, Stephen Goldbaum, Brooke Wenig, and Kabir Rekhi shed light on the intersection of open-source technology, generative AI, and regulatory compliance within financial services. Goldbaum, a representative from Morgan Stanley, along with Wenig, leading the machine learning practice at Databricks, and Rekhi, specializing in data architecture at RBC Capital Markets, provided a comprehensive overview of leveraging generative AI to streamline regulatory reporting processes.

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The discussion on "Accelerating Regulatory Compliance with Generative AI" focused on leveraging open-source tools and generative AI to enhance regulatory compliance in the finance sector. Led by Stephen Goldbaum, Brooke Wenig, and Kabir Rekhi, the conversation highlighted challenges in interpreting regulations and standardizing data while emphasizing the role of large language models (LLMs). The session explored the process of extracting regulatory rules from documents and converting them into executable code using Morphir. It also addressed considerations in adopting LLMs, such as the need for fine-tuning and risk management, while stressing the importance of human supervision. Additionally, the panel highlighted the value of open-source collaboration, particularly through FINOS, in driving innovation and efficiency in regulatory compliance solutions.    


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