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OSFF Insights: Lessons Learned How to Start (and Maintain) an Open Source Program with Amanda Chesin & Tim Klever

April 18, 2024
Celebrate the dynamic world of open-source leadership with Amanda Chesin and Tim Klever as they unravel the essential strategies and invaluable insights for navigating the evolving landscape of innovation. From Amanda's corporate integration of open-source principles to Tim's dedication to fostering vibrant developer communities, their discussion delved into the transformative power of open-source leadership. 

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Amanda Chesin and Tim Klever presented key insights on starting and maintaining an open-source program office (OSPO). Amanda highlighted the significance of building strong partnerships across the enterprise, emphasizing the need to understand developers' desires to participate in open-source communities. She underscored the importance of simplifying the process for developers to contribute, citing examples like integrating external GitHub identities with internal ones and providing tools to visualize individual contributions. Tim elaborated on the challenges of regulatory compliance and the complexity it adds to releases, emphasizing the need for persistence in proving the value of open-source initiatives. He stressed the importance of removing doubt and fear, encouraging organizations to embrace open source and foster collaboration. The duo discussed leveraging FINOS membership to enhance developer engagement, citing examples such as collaborative projects and engagement opportunities offered by the organization. Overall, they emphasized the need to recognize and celebrate collaboration and progress, advocating for a culture of open source within financial institutions to drive innovation and growth.

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