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How to Get Started with CDM NYC Meetup

April 06, 2024

In NYC, the CDM community gathered for the first time for a workshop on the Common Domain Model (CDM), focused on how to get started. Hosted by FINOS, the event’s goal was to introduce CDM and equip participants with practical insights for implementation. A video recording of the meetup is now available.

The workshop provided a deep dive into CDM’s role in streamlining post-trade processing. The agenda included introductions and interactive sessions where attendees learned to navigate CDM’s architecture, choose the right version, and set up their development environment efficiently.The goal was for participants to leave with newfound confidence in leveraging CDM to drive innovation. The workshop’s success underscores CDM’s growing importance in the financial industry and commitment to empowering professionals for meaningful change.

How to Get Involved

Attend the CDM Working Group meetings found on our calendar. 

Explore the CDM Github found here

Reach out to Eteri Dvalishvili to share your CDM adoption journeys.


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