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Announcing the FINOS Project Sandbox

March 26, 2024

We're thrilled to announce the launch of the FINOS Project Sandbox, a dedicated environment designed to empower FINOS members and the broader open finance community to accelerate innovation and experimentation. 

The Sandbox provides access to public runtime environments running FINOS projects, enabling developers, technologists, and industry stakeholders to access and play with specific use cases with the click of a few buttons.

2024-03-26 - Announcing the FINOS Project Sandbox A Collaborative Playground for Open Finance Innovation Mao

Below we want to mention some key aspects that we believe make these offerings appealing to our community and the financial services industry as a whole:

  • The Accessibility Theme Builder is a great tool to build accessible frontends, and the Demo environment allows you to try and use it without the need of running anything; you can define, implement and export themes that can be used across different frontend frameworks; it runs entirely on the user browser, and pages are rendered out using Netlify (as all FINOS project documentation websites).
  • Legend provides a developer/modeler friendly interface to implement and manage the full data lifecycle, and FINOS hosts an instance to enable collaborative data modeling across our members and community leaders; it is the most articulated (cloud native) architecture we host, running on a 3 nodes Kubernetes cluster and using Juju as deployment technology.
  • CDM is a standard to represent models for financial products; the CDM Object Builder is a UI - that runs on the user browser (hosted on Netlify), which helps users define and validate CDM objects in a visual way.
  • TraderX is a cloud-native architecture blueprint for a trading application, which provides a starting good point when designing new frameworks, a playground for FINOS newcomers to send their first contributions and a simple foundation to implement specific trading components while mocking all other elements that are still needed to close the loop; right now, the TraderX demo environment shows the default architecture, but in the future, we hope to see more architecture flavors, hosted as GitHub branches, to showcase in parallel as different web pages. It runs on a single server instance using Docker Compose.
  • The LCR Interactive UI is a frontend built with Morphir that delivers a visual, browseable representation of the Liquidity Coverage Ratio regulation. It is extremely lightweight and runs on Docker with a single command.
  • Waltz is a framework that helps managing your organization's technology landscape; it takes quite some time for an organization to input all relevant information into the system, and until then, it may be hard to see the value of it, which is why we have built a Demo endpoint to help browsing a sample dataset and showcase its power. The Demo environment runs on a single server instance, using Juju as deployment strategy.

Visit and click around the different sandbox endpoints; if you have any questions, make sure to checkout the documentation websites linked in the page, or submit issues to the relevant Github repositories.

Author: Maurizio Pillitu, FINOS, Chief Technology Officer


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