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Open Source Readiness - Weekly Update - 11 October 2023

October 11, 2023

This year at FINOS we are focusing on one of FINOS' key existing projects: Open Source Readiness. This is FINOS' term for helping the finance industry "do open source properly".

2023-10-11 OSR Weekly Update

We continued working on the last bits of the last pending PR before the big reveal towards the OSR Book of Knowledge, which is Brittany Istenes’s article on Foundations like The Linux Foundation, OSI or CNCF - the benefits and possible drawbacks of your open source project joining one of them. With this cleaned up and merged, and the exam and training materials finalized, we are ready for a hugely successful OSFF! So I will use this platform to advertise something else now. 

And that something else is Big Boost Monday NYC! If you are not familiar, Big Boost Monday London, Belfast and Dublin are tremendously successful DEI monthly meetup series, bringing hundreds of people together. And here comes the first opportunity to welcome this in North America - first to New York City and later to Montreal (Les Lundis Géants!) Every month, it is hosted by different tech firms that aim to inspire and empower people who are interested in finding their pathway into tech. The event features guest speakers from various backgrounds and sectors, who share their stories, programs, initiatives, and tips on how to get started in tech. The event also promotes diversity, equity, and inclusion in the tech industry, and showcases the work of FINOS, an open-source foundation for financial services.

The event is free to attend, but requires registration through a link provided by the host - Register here! The event typically lasts for an hour and a half, with 30 minutes for networking and Q&A. It is your tech & DEI meetup, helping you find your pathway into technology in the city! It is open-source, an open community, open to all for opportunities.

  • Registration & Networking – 17:00
  • Talks Start – 18:00
  • Talks Finish – 19:00
  • Post-event Networking To Close – 19:30

Who is this for?

  • Find out more how open-source is power innovation in finance
  • Hear from leading Women in technology
  • Explore different pathways to a career in technology
  • Industry professionals, senior stakeholders, allies and sponsors
  • LGBTQ+, Students, under-represented groups, and the curious
  • Non-degree holders
  • With local community outreach soon in NYC/Montréal

After this huge Big Boost Monday advertisement, let me move back to the usual topic here again - with the usual reminder - if you have contributed to the Book of Knowledge at OSR, but haven’t yet been added to the - here is your chance, make sure you would be part of the Book of Faces when we unveil it at OSFF - reminding me to point out that:


If you work for a FINOS member and live in New York, why haven’t you signed up to come to OSFF yet? Soon it will reach capacity, so hurry up if you haven’t registered yet!

There are complimentary passes for employees of FINOS Member Firms so hurry up and register already!

The OSR and InnerSource SIGs are collaborating on running a booth at the event - would you like to help staff it? Get in touch if so! Also, many other booths, FINOS projects and much more will be present there! Yours truly will lead a panel discussion about Spatial Computing and its use for Financial Services - looking forward to having you there!

If you haven't received your unique member code, please contact and we’ll get you sorted.

Sign up here!


Author: Peter Smulovics


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