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Open Source in Fintech Podcast: FINOS Debrief 19 March 21

March 19, 2021
In this episode of the podcast, we're excited to share the news about a recent award, welcome a new Associate Member, highlight the great work of our community and offer you a new channel to collaborate and network. We've also picked out some "good first issues" for those of you looking to get more involved with FINOS projects.
Episode show notes and transcripts are available below.

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We're delighted that Tosha Ellison, FINOS Chief Operating Officer, has been recognized as the "Vendor Partnership or Alliance Professional of the Year" in the Waters Technology Women in Technology & Data Awards 2021.

Read More | Full Award Listing



We're pleased to share that OpenUK has recently joined FINOS as an Associate Member & we're looking forward to working together.

Open UK



The FINOS Slack provides our Community another public channel to discuss work in FINOS and open source in finance more generally.

More Info & How to Join



We would like to recognize the contributions Mark Guerriero of Deutsche Bank has made to the Waltz Project.

Read Mark's Community Spotlight | More on Waltz



Last week, Roderick Randolph and Arthur Maltson, both Distinguished Engineers at Capital One discussed Capital One's InnerSource Journey, and the pitfalls and peaks they've experienced along the way.

Capital One's InnerSource Journey Video | FINOS InnerSource Special Interest Group



Your Opportunity To Get Involved. This week we're highlighting GFIs from the Perspective Project. The project is based around streaming pivot visualization via WebAssembly.

Perspective Project Good First Issues | All FINOS Project Good First Issues



APAC - FINOS Symphony BDK for Java & Open Source to Build an LCAP March 24th at 5:00pm Australian EDT / 2:00am US EDT / 6:00am GMT


US & UK - How to Build an Order Book Simulation using Perspective March 31st at 11am EDT / 4pm BST




Good morning. Good afternoon. Good evening,  wherever you are. This is the FINOS  Open Source in FinTech Podcast and I'm your host, Grizz Griswold. And this is the FINOS Debrief for March 19, 2021. 


In this episode of the podcast, we're going to share news about a recent award, welcome a new associate member, highlight the great work of our community and offer you a new channel to collaborate and network. We've also picked out some good first issues for those of you looking to get more involved in FINOS projects.


So let's cue the intro.


So Happy March, we are celebrating Women's History Month in the US. And we also just celebrated International Women's Day. Plus, we just celebrated St. Patty's Day, my work anniversary and my wedding anniversary on the 18th. So let's move on. 


Speaking of Women's History Month, and International Women's Day, I wanted to say that my friend, my boss, and the FINOS COO, Tosha Ellison was recognized by Waters Tech, as the "Vendor Partnership or Alliance Professional of the Year" in the Women in Technology and Data Awards for 2021.


The staff here at FINOS and the entire FINOS community is excited for her, but I'm especially excited for because when somebody that you work with every day, and you see everything that they go through, and the work and time, and blood, sweat and tears put into their job gets acknowledged outside of the community. It's a pretty cool thing. So congratulations, Tosha!


We have a new Associate Member OpenUK. And we're pleased to share that OpenUK has recently joined FINOS as an associate member, OpenUK promotes businesses, projects and people who use and develop open source and strives to collaborate through three pillars community legal and policy and learning. And we're looking forward to working together. In fact, we have been working together for a while, we actually sponsored a scholarship for one of their awards recently. And I just read the other day that Amanda Brock, who's the COO, now the CeeO, the C E O, it's only three letters, Griswold, get it right. The CEO of OpenUK was just recognized as one of the top 20 CEOs, I believe, in the UK this past week. So congratulations, Amanda, and we're looking forward to working with your organization.


So we're going to move on to FINOS projects in the community. And in fact, FINOS has just announced new community Slack channels. We are delighted to announce the launch of the new FINOS slack channels following feedback from our FINOS community. The FINOS Slack channels provide our community with another public channel to discuss work in FINOS and open source and finance more generally, I will put information in show notes on how to get involved in those Slack channels.


The FINOS community spotlight this week is on Mark Guerreiro of Deutsche Bank. Mark is part of the team that maintains the wallets project for us. As part of the waltz team Mark has contributed several wallets YouTube tutorials to help users navigate features offered by Waltz project alongside helping the project team coordinate and document the Waltz roadmap. Mark also performs in intellectual property review, service for all code contributed from Deutsche Bank ensuring that project team contributions are free of any potential proprietary information.


Next, any time we have guest presentations, done at any of our project meetings, especially by our members on different things, we like to highlight them on our website right now at There is a video that came out of the Open Source Readiness meeting. InnerSource Commons has been working with us for the past couple of months, adding guest speakers to talk about the process of innersource and how that can lead to the process of open source if you don't know what innersource is, basically think open source, just within one organization. So you still get to leverage off of the software and the processes that have been built by others within your organization. You don't have to build them over and over again.


And so for this particular guest presentation, Roderick Randolph and Arthur Maltson, both distinguished engineers at Capital One discuss Capital One's Innersource journey, and the pitfalls and peaks that they experienced along the way, you can find that video on our website, and we'll soon have a audio podcast to accompany that.


And to round out our community discussion, let's talk about FINOS Good First Issues and Help Wanted. Every two weeks in the FINOS Friday newsletter, and actually, every week in This Week at FINOS, which is another plaintext newsletter that we send out to the community. We give you opportunities to get involved, get your feet wet, get your hands dirty, just try out a project and see what it's like maybe, you know, help a smaller issue so that you can understand the project better. So we will put out either a link to all of our FINOS project Good First Issues, or we will put a link to specific ones. 


In the most recent newsletter, we highlighted the Perspective project good first issues. The project is based around streaming pivot visualization using Webassembly. And actually on March 31, we are going to have a meetup that is centered around Perspective. So here's some information about that. 


Andrew Stein, who is with JP Morgan, will be presenting on "How to Build an Order Book Simulation with Perspective. And let me give you a little bit of information on that. 


Here's the talk abstract. Learn how to build a real-time Order Book Dashboard from a simple Python market simulation using Perspective. Participants will learn how to use Perspective’s JupyterLab integration to first interactively develop, test and visualize a simple market model in a Jupyter Notebook; then, using that same model, we’ll develop a production-caliber, high-performance streaming server and interactive web client with Perspective and Apache Arrow. We of course in the show notes will have the registration link for that meetup. 


Also know that if you register for any of our meetups, and you do not have the ability to attend on that day, we will always put the videos up afterwards and try to notify you of that too as long as you register. 


And then let's bring it back a week. That's March 31, but actually March 24, so next week, we will be having our second FINOS APAC Open Source in Fintech Meetup. There will be two presentations during that meetup. The first one will be on "Symphony BDK for Java". So Symphony recently contributed its latest version of the Symphony Bot Developer Kit. BDK 2.0 is a library of tools and intelligent API bindings that provides an ultra simplified configuration and authentication setup. Apparently, it's not simplified when you're trying to speak it... So, and authentication setup, intuitive message and room management, customizable message templating, and a new activities API that makes it easy to facilitate bot workflows in Symphony. Yong Sheng Tan, the Developer Relations Technical Lead from Symphony will be presenting on that. And the second talk will be by José Pozo VP of Core Development at Genesis Global. And this talk will be on "Open Source Technology to Build and Constantly Evolve a Low Code Application Platform" or LCAP, especially for financial markets. And we'll cover some key open source technologies used within the system. They will also talk about some of their future plans for using open source technologies, including FINOS initiatives that help drive standards and reuse them across our industries


in such projects as our financial objects, projects, and FDC3 and of course, the registration information will be where in the show notes.


So we hope this FINOS Debrief Update podcast has been informative and useful to you to find out what's going on in the Foundation. If you'd like to get in touch with us about events, please email If you want to talk to us about anything else going on within the Foundation and everything that we've talked about here, email us at And if you were looking to get involved with either podcasts, or meetups, especially if you're already in our community, but even if you're outside of our community, we'd love to talk. 


But we just want to sincerely thank you for spending your time with us and invite you to connect with our community. Please subscribe to the podcast. Join us on to find out more about our community, follow us on Twitter or LinkedIn or join one of the mailing lists for weekly updates not only for  This Week at FINOS but also every other week for our Friday update,  and just get involved with the community. So this has been your host Grizz Griswold at FINOS. Good day, good night, wherever you are.



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