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FINOS Open Source in Fintech Podcast - How to Secure the Electron Container for Capital Markets - ChartIQ

July 02, 2020

In this sixth edition of the FINOS Open Source in Fintech Podcast, FINOS Director of Community James McLeod interviews ChartIQ's Director of Solutions Engineering, Kris West, and Chief Architect, Ian Mesner after their FINOS Virtual Meetup presentation on May 20, 2020.

FINOS OPEN SOURCE IN FINTECH PODCAST - How to Secure the Electron Container for Capital Markets - Kris West and Ian Mesner, ChartIQ - 20 MAY 20


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Guest speakers: Kris West & Ian Mesner ChartIQ, presented on the "How to Secure the Electron Container for Capital Markets". 

Smart desktop technology is changing the way we work, but bringing web technology to the desktop creates security issues that must be mitigated. In this webinar, our Director of Solutions Engineering Kris West and Chief Architect Ian Mesner discuss how the architecture of desktop interoperability involves:

  • Protecting the operating system
  • Protecting applications from each other
  • Enabling interoperability and (when needed) providing access to desktop APIs
  • Securing Electron

Join us as we outline the steps we took to secure our smart desktop platform, Finsemble, and highlight the use of our Secure Electron Adapter (now available as a FINOS open source project). For a little more background, read the article about the Secure Electron Adapter contribution here.


Kris' Bio:

Kris and the Solutions Engineering team at ChartIQ spend their days helping ChartIQ's clients to design and build the next generation of their apps (and whole desktop experience) using ChartIQ's market-leading Charting Library and Desktop Integration platform, Finsemble. Over the course of a 20 year career in software, Kris has designed and built all manner of solutions, including music streaming services, games platforms, VoIP apps, analytics platforms, and desktops for traders. He likes nothing more than getting his hands dirty (whether he's in the software or the garden).


Ian's Bio:

Ian started his career in software development updating FoxPro accounting applications for Y2K compliance. Since then, he’s worked on a variety of desktop, server, and web applications written in almost as many languages, including a high-frequency trading application and an end-of-day clearing trade submission service. While working as a Data Scientist, he performed LEI resolution and CDS conversion for Dodd-Frank reporting, and produced forecasting models for a small global macro fund. At ChartIQ, Ian serves as Chief Architect and co-manages the team responsible for the design of Finsemble.



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