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FINOS Open Source in Fintech Podcast - Faking it - How to Easily Create Realistic Test Data - Scott Logic

July 02, 2020

In this seventh edition of the FINOS Open Source in Fintech Podcast, FINOS Director of Community James McLeod interviews Scott Logic's Head of Consultancy for Bristol, Andrew Carr, and Delivery Manager, Tim Johnson after their FINOS Virtual Meetup presentation on June 4, 2020.

FINOS OPEN SOURCE IN FINTECH PODCAST -Faking it - How to Easily Create Realistic Test Data - Andrew Carr & Tim Johnson , Scott Logic - 04 June 20


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Guest Speakers: Andrew Carr & Tim Johnson of Scott Logic, presented on the "Faking it - How to Easily Create Realistic Test Data" about Data Helix. 

Generating test data is a challenge for many organisations, whether because the production data is sensitive, because there isn’t enough of it, or because new data structures need to be tested. In response to this challenge, Scott Logic has developed DataHelix – a test data generation tool that allows significant volumes of representative data to be generated easily. Andrew Carr, Head of Consultancy at Scott Logic’s Bristol office, and Tim Johnson, Delivery Manager, will introduce DataHelix and what it can do. They will show you how to specify fields and constraints using a simple format, utilise fake data, and demonstrate the output. They will finish their presentation with a demo of some of the exciting up-and-coming new features of this open source tool.


Andrew's Bio:

Andrew leads Scott Logic’s consultancy teams in Bristol. He has a degree in Computer Science from Newcastle University and has held a variety of roles including Developer, Architect and Manager, with 20 years experience including stints at Goldman Sachs, Citigroup, Airbus and Nortel. Andrew’s commercial experience includes the development of front office trading systems, innovation management, and enterprise level data engineering. When not at work he can often be found talking about personality theories, socialising or reading about hi-fi.


Tim's Bio:

Tim has over 20 years of IT industry experience working with SMEs, government departments and multinationals.  He enjoys helping teams to work together more effectively and get better results, and is particularly interested in bringing users and developers closer together, with measurable improvements to delivery.  Most recently Tim helped a team improve the performance of their data processing system by a factor of 4, and helped another team reduce the time taken to deploy upgrades from 34 weeks to 7. In his spare time Tim keeps children - he has three energetic boys who are pushing his knowledge of fossils, animals and Minecraft.




The FINOS Open Source in Fintech Podcast is part of our continued commitment to provide value to our Members and our greater Community. In these (usually bi-weekly) sessions we speak with members of the FINOS community about specific open source projects and interesting topics at the cross section of financial services and open source. So far, our industry experts have discussed practical applications of and their real-world experiences with a range of open source projects including desktop interoperability, low code platforms, synthetic data, and data modeling. They’ve also discussed best practices for inner source, common myths about open source and why commercial companies choose to introduce open source offerings. Tune in to hear what comes next.

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