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FINOS APAC Meetup - November 2020

December 03, 2020


FINOS launched our APAC Open Source in Fintech Event Series with an introduction to FINOS and FDC3 provided by Andrew King of Suite2Go, Riko Eksteen of Adaptive Financial Consulting, Kris West of Cosaic, and James McLeod of FINOS.

This video is from the live FINOS virtual "Meetup" on November 25th, 2020. Join live for future "Meetups" to see real examples of successful collaboration, hear top tips from active contributors, and learn about innovative approaches to maintaining open source projects.

APAC Panel's Presentation


HubSpot Video


With great attendance from the APAC community, we look forward to more great events produced in partnership with Andrew King of Australia's Suite2Go and building our FINOS community across the APAC region. Look out for 2021 dates.








Andrew King, Principal, Suite2Go, Australia

Andrew King has worked for multiple financial services technology companies in London and Australia over the past 16 years simplifying complex problems and creating best of breed solutions across both the sell and buy sides of the market. Business Development roles with IHS Markit, Symphony, Droit, Cosaic and ipushpull have provided Andrew with insight into internal and external workflow pain points and the technology solutions available to create greater operational efficiency.

Riko Eksteen, Head of Desktop Strategy, Adaptive Financial Consulting

With 15+ years of experience in FinTech, Riko’s knowledge and skills span multiple technologies supporting front-, middle- and back-end systems. As an active participant in FINOS - and chair of the FDC3 API Working Group - he is enthusiastic about working with the community to establish open standards in the financial industry. By focusing on desktop strategy, he helps financial institutions to create interoperable systems that combine new and existing technology, establish transformative user workflows, improve customer experience, increase cross selling, and deliver more meaningful data. In his spare time he loves to teach and play modern board games, which is really just another excuse to get everyone together around a table and have fun!

Kris West, Director of Solutions Engineering, Cosaic

"Kris and the Solutions Engineering team at Cosaic spend their days helping Cosaic's clients to design and build the next generation of their apps (and whole desktop experience) using Cosaic's market-leading Charting Library and Desktop Integration platform, Finsemble. Over the course of a 20 year career in software, Kris has designed and built all manner of solutions, including music streaming services, games platforms, VoIP apps, analytics platforms, and desktops for traders. He likes nothing more than getting his hands dirty (whether he's in the software or the garden).”

James McLeod, Director of Community FINOS

James is the Director of Community at FINOS and wholeheartedly believes the transformation of Financial Services can only be fulfilled if Open Source is embraced under the three pillars of Contribution, Consumption and Community. You reach James at to find out how you can contribute to the amazing work of the Fintech Open Source Foundation (FINOS). 
James has a twenty year career in software engineering having worked for telecommunication startups, the gaming industry, digital streaming platforms and financial services. Prior to joining FINOS James worked at Lloyds Banking Group where he focused on building engineering communities for Lloyds Bank, Halifax, Bank of Scotland, Scottish Widows and other LBG banks. While at Lloyds Banking Group, James also drove the adoption of Inner Source and Open Source partly through the creation of engineering guilds providing in-person and remote educational sessions and large hackathon events. James also spent a number of years consulting on software engineering projects for RBS, NatWest and Barclays. 
As a member of the FINOS team, James' ambition is to bring his extensive experience building communities to grow Financial Services into a powerhouse of Open Source. James is a true open source advocate and founded the “React London - Bring Your Own Project” meetup to provide an interactive forum for ReactJS and Javascript developers to come together. In the last two years it has grown to a membership of over 1500 individuals.


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