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How Deutsche Bank uses InnerSource in Engineering - Daniela Zheleva

December 20, 2020


Guest Speaker: Daniela Zhelva, DevOps Engineer, Deutsche Bank presented on "How Deutsche Bank uses InnerSource in Engineering"

This video is from a live webinar conducted for the FINOS Open Source Readiness (OSR) project. The OSR project meets bi-weekly for guest presentations, knowledge-sharing between financial industry firms solving similar issues on their road to open source readiness, and discussion of open source strategy. Take a look at upcoming FINOS events like this and join us!

This particular webinar for OSR featured the first in a series of collaborations between FINOS and InnerSource Commons. There is a panel discussion on our audio podcast here. Daniela's presentation was coupled in the middle of this discussion.


Daniela'S Presentation

How Deutsche Bank uses InnerSource in Engineering - Lightning Talk by Daniela Zheleva of Deutsche Bank



Daniela's Bio:

Daniela Zheleva - Deutsche Bank

Daniela-ZhelevaDaniela Zheleva is a DevOps Engineer at Deutsche Bank, FINOS Cloud Service Certification contributor and FINOS Community Spotlight winner. She has spent the first part of her career enhancing Deutsche Banks firm-wide InnerSource discoverability platform and is passionate about supporting the Inner Source community.




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