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Community Blog

Congratulations to the FINOS Community Award Winners 2023

November 01, 2023

During our recent Open Source in Finance Forum, we had the opportunity to recognize many of the incredible individuals and companies making significant contributions and creating a positive impact in open source in financial services. We're extremely grateful for all of their work, along with so many others, and want to give them another shout out in this post!

Award 1


These awards celebrate the efforts of the FINOS community (members and non-members) to advance open source collaboration in financial services and were on stage at OSFF on November 1st.

Shining Star, project or SIG demonstrating exceptional yearly growth by attracting new community participants into their orbits.

Winner: FINOS Diversity Equity and Inclusion SIG

Spread The Word, FINOS members and contributors that go above and beyond to magnify the impact and benefits of open source in financial services through FINOS.

Winner: Peter Smulovics, Morgan Stanley

Outstanding Leadership, those who push the boundaries of their open source leadership to increase the impact and value of their FINOS project.

Winner: Kabir Rekhi, RBC Capital Markets

Newcomer, demonstrate a commitment to open source by actively contributing to project meetings, code commits, pull requests and closing GitHub issues.

Winner: Michaela Iorga, National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) 

Coaching Award, those in FINOS who expand the knowledge and experience of others by selflessly demonstrating open source values from within the FINOS Community.

Winner: FINOS CCC Citi Pioneers

FINOS Champion Award, awarded to those who accelerate engineering in financial services by integrating FINOS projects and solutions into their digital transformation strategies and businesses initiatives

Winner: Rajen Madan, Leading Point

Most Active Individual, awarded to the person who has demonstrated a commitment to open source in FINOS through continuous contribution, project leadership and moving the open source needle.

Winner: Steve Heron, UBS


Once again, a huge thank you to our FINOS Members and community!