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Getting ready for New World Symphony 2016

October 05, 2016


There are only a few hours left until this year's edition of the New World Symphony!

We're excited to welcome so many interesting projects and can't wait to see our community in action tomorrow!

To all the project teams, don't forget to review the project selection criteria and, as previously announced, in order to qualify for the Best Contribution Prize, teams must initiate the contribution process by filing a CONTRIB issue.

This year's proposed projects include:

I look forward to seeing many of these projects contributed to our Github repository, but in any case, these will take us one step closer to a "New World" of work on the Symphony platform for financial services and beyond.

Finally, I am also happy to announce the official judging panelThe panel features technology leaders from the Symphony ecosystem and from the financial services industry, including:

Get ready for an inspiring and challenging day with like-minded developers - we can't wait to welcome you to New World Symphony 2016.

Follow the conversation on Twitter with #NWS2016 and on our Developer List!

See you soon!

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