Friday Update Newsletter - 23 April 21

April 23, 2021




23 APRIl 21

Happy Friday! In this issue we're excited to announce new FINOS Associate members; tell you about a new version of FDC3; plug our All Community Call, spotlight our community contributors; and highlight ways to get involved.





INNERSOURCE COMMONS - We’re delighted to highlight that InnerSource Commons (ISC) joined the Foundation as a FINOS Associate Member last month. InnerSource Commons Foundation is a non-profit whose goal is to create and share knowledge about the use of open source methods and practices inside organizations. You might already be familiar with some of their activity in FINOS, including co-leading the InnerSource SIG and leading many interesting conversations on this topic in webinar-style sessions.

CANADIAN REGTECH ASSOCIATION - We are pleased to announce that the Canadian RegTech Association (CRTA) has recently joined FINOS as an Associate Member. CRTA is a non-profit focused on solving regulatory challenges through collaborative efforts between key RegTech stakeholders: regulated entities, technology vendors, regulatory bodies, government and professional service providers. We started the FINOS Open RegTech initiative with many of the same aims and look forward to working together.



Our All Community Call is next Wednesday and we have have so much to share. Join us to hear about highlights from our recent Governing Board meeting and then hear the latest news on more than 10 FINOS projects. This is a great way to get up to speed with recent activities!

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OSSF Call For Proposals is live

Open Source Strategy Forum 2021, being held in London, October 4-5 & New York, November 9-10, is now accepting speaking proposals. Brought to you by The Linux Foundation and FINOS, OSSF gathers experts across financial services, technology, and open source to engage in stimulating and thought-provoking conversations about how to best leverage open source software to solve industry challenges.

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FDC3 v1.2 is now available, delivering new features to improve plug-and-play interoperability on the financial desktop. Thank you to the entire project team for their commitment and many hours of work on this new release! Join the webinar on May 12th to learn more and if you are interested in the project but haven't yet taken the step to get involved, now is the time to join and influence the direction of version 2.0.

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Every newsletter we recognize and celebrate the awesome work of our open source contributors and the FINOS community.

This week the community spotlight falls on Riko Eksteen, Head of Desktop at Adaptive Financial Consulting for his continued leadership on the FDC3 open standard, and three individuals who have been helping to drive the standard and have now taken on the additional role of project maintainers. FINOS enthusiastically congratulates Kris West, Director of Solutions Engineering at Cosaic; Georgi Georgiev, Software Engineer at Glue42; and Matt Jamieson, Desktop Transformation Consultant at White Dog, on their new roles. We are also very grateful for the continued support and hard work of the entire FDC3 project team. 

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Wednesday, April 28th

FINOS All Community Call

The FINOS Team and Community

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Wednesday, May 5th

OS in Finance - Understanding The InnerSource Checklist

Silona Bonewald - Executive Director, IEEE SA OPEN

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Wednesday, May 12th

OS in Finance - FDC3 v1.2 Improving Interoperability on the Financial Desktop

FDC3 Maintainers

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Wednesday, May 26th

UK OS in Fintech Event Series with talks on Software Heritage & the FINOS Morphir Project

Roberto Di Cosmo, Director, Software Heritage; Stephen Goldbaum, Executive Director – Corporate and Funding Technology Morgan Stanley; Attila Mihaly, Software Engineer (VP), Morgan Stanley

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Listen to and view our podcasts and videos on Open Source in Fintech. We'll announce upcoming ones through our This Week at FINOS blog and email.


Running Open An Open Source Project From Inside A Bank 

FINOS Debrief 16 April 21

FINOS: Beginnings and What's Important - Gabriele Columbro, ED, FINOS

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FINOS: Beginnings and What's Important - Gabriele Columbro, ED, FINOS

How to Build an Order Book Simulation with Perspective 

APAC Open Source in Fintech Meetup - Symphony BDK & Low Code

All FINOS Guest Presentations On YouTube | FINOS YouTube Channel 




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