Friday Update Newsletter - 21 May 21

May 21, 2021




21 May 21

Happy Friday! In this issue we're excited to welcome three new FINOS Silver Members; update you on podcasts, award nominations, FINOS projects, and work in the FINOS Community. And of course, highlight ways for you to get involved.





We are delighted to share that CloudLinux, Digital Asset, and Egar Global have decided to join as FINOS Silver members.

CloudLinux - CloudLinux is on a mission to continually increase security, stability and availability of Linux servers and devices. Headquartered in Palo Alto, California, CloudLinux Inc. develops a hardened Linux distribution, Linux kernel live security patching, extended support options for Linux, and web server security software used by enterprises, service providers, governments and universities all over the world. We are looking forward to exploring collaboration opportunities that will bring value to our financial services community.

Digital Asset - Digital Asset is on a mission to create the global economic network of seamlessly interconnected businesses. By building and connecting systems of record with Daml, a state-of-the-art application platform, and other tools, Digital Asset can change how businesses interact.

Egar Global - EGAR Global provides capital markets focused solutions for end-to-end enterprise systems, back-end processing, middle-office risk management and treasury, and analytical data, all while pioneering the next generation of fintech with no-code and low-code application development and maintenance.  We are looking forward to exploring collaboration opportunities that will bring value to our financial services community.



FINOS Executive Director, Gabriele Columbro joined a guest panel this week on the 11:FS highly rated Fintech Insider Podcast. The podcast is on Embedded Finance, and featured David Brear of 11:FS, Tui Allen of Shopify, and Wade Arnold of Moov.

Listen Here


FINOS FSI OpenUK award nominations

FINOS Associate Member, OpenUK has opened nominations for the FINOS sponsored award for open source projects, standards or collaborative initiatives (under an open source license) of any size that help further the use and adoption of open source to solve common challenges or explore new opportunities for collaboration in the financial services industry. 

Submit Your Nomination by June 13th





We are starting a new feature on our Open Source in Finance Podcast called "Voices of the Community". Share your wants & needs, your experience participating in FINOS projects and events, or anything else related to your FINOS experience - we're all ears! We'll be posting a new question every other week. Drop us an email, fill in the quick form below, or send us a 1 minute recording with your answer via We'll do our best to include as many responses as we can, and will let you know when the podcast will "air".

This week's question is: "Which FINOS project are you contributing to, and why?"

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How are you using FDC3?

As we hope you all know, a new version of FDC3 was recently delivered and the project team is now busy prioritizing items for version 2.0. As they continue to develop the standard it's very helpful to know how it's being used "out in the real world". This context provides valuable insight for future development and helps make the standard better (and more useful). Even if you can't be an active contributor right now please do drop us a couple of lines to let us know how FDC3 is used within your firm. There might even be a free t-shirt in it for you!

Email Us Your "How I Use FDC3" Response Here


Open source in finance videos

Over the last few weeks, we produced two Open Source in Finance Meetup Webinars supporting our InnerSource SIG and our FDC3 project. The video replays are available now on our website.

FDC3 v1.2 Demo Video | FDC3 Website

Understanding The InnerSource Checklist Video | FINOS InnerSource SIG



This week we would also like to highlight some of the work happening at the Cloud Service Certification Project, which is seeing increased momentum as shown by the merging of AWS EKS - Terraform and the proposed contribution of the Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform Service Approval Accelerator.



Every newsletter we recognize and celebrate the awesome work of our open source contributors and the FINOS community.

This week’s FINOS Community Spotlight celebrates Maria Cristina De Dominicis of Symphony for her dedication, hard work and contributions to the Symphony BDK JavaMessageML Utilities and REST API Specification projects.

Read Maria Cristina's Community Spotlight


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For a full weekly list of meetups, webinars, and other open source project focused meetings, please refer to “This Week at FINOS”, and sign up to receive this email which comes out every Monday. (Email to be automatically added to the distribution.)


Wednesday, May 26th

UK OS in Fintech Event Series: Talks on Software Heritage & the FINOS Morphir Project

Speakers: Roberto Di Cosmo, Director, Software Heritage; Stephen Goldbaum, Executive Director – Corporate and Funding Technology Morgan Stanley; Attila Mihaly, Software Engineer (VP), Morgan Stanley

More Info & Register Here  


Wednesday, June 9th

OS in Finance Meetup Webinar: Accelerating DevOps, Cloud and Agile Transformation in Banks with Rancher FINOS OS in Finance Meetup

Speakers: To be announced from SUSE and Wipro

More Info & Register Here 



Listen to and view our podcasts and videos on Open Source in Fintech. We'll announce upcoming ones through our This Week at FINOS blog and email.


FINOS Debrief 14 May 21

FINOS All Community Call Q2 2021

Running Open An Open Source Project From Inside A Bank 

Apple Podcasts Spotify | Google Podcasts 



OS in Finance Webinar - FDC3 v1.2 Release Video

OS in Finance Webinar - Understanding the InnerSource Checklist

FINOS: Beginnings and What's Important 

All FINOS Guest Presentations On YouTube | FINOS YouTube Channel 




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