Friday Update Newsletter - 18 June 21

June 18, 2021




18 JUNE 21

Happy Friday! In this issue we're excited to announce the State of Open Source in Financial Services survey, welcome new FINOS Team member Win Morgan; update you on FINOS Community happenings, and more. And of course, we'll highlight ways for you to get involved.




responses wanted: FINOS 2021 State of Open Source in Finance Services Survey

FINOS and its research partners, Linux Foundation Research, Scott Logic, WIPRO, and GitHub, are conducting a survey as part of a research project on the state of open source adoption, contribution, and readiness in the financial services industry. This survey and report seeks to explore open source within the context of financial services organizations; including banks, asset managers, and hedge funds but will be designed as a resource to be used by all financial services organizations, with the goal to make this an annual survey with a year-on-year tracing of metrics. 

Your input here is very important to the community and industry.

Take The Survey Here



Join us in welcoming Win Morgan to the FINOS team as a Marketing Intern. Win is an IMBA / JD candidate at the University of South Carolina. He will be working on special projects to increase the depth and automation of FINOS marketing operations.

Win's internship comes from the Linux Foundation's Mentorship Program, part of LFX Tools that are used to measure the health and sustainability of technology projects. 

LF Mentorship Program | LFX Tools





FDC3 Lead Maintainer Kris West of Cosaic discusses updates to FDC3 v1.2

Read The Article Here

FDC3 Channels, Feeds, & Transactions Discussion Group Meeting

Learn About Then Join July 1

Wipro & SUSE present on using Rancher to accelerate devops, cloud and agile transformation in banks in a webinar and deeper dive podcast

Video Presentation | Audio Podcast

The Legend Studio Pilot Case Study was recently released

Download the Case Study Here


COMMUNITY SPOTLIGHT - Mini Krishnan & David Holder

Congratulations Mini Krishnan, Software Engineer at Wipro and David Holder, Field Engineer at SUSE for the awesome collaboration on Accelerating DevOps, Cloud and Agile Transformation in Banks with Rancher and for being this week's Community Spotlight.

Read Mini and David's Community Spotlight


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Listen to and view our podcasts and videos on Open Source in Finance. We'll announce upcoming ones through our This Week at FINOS blog and email.


Accelerating DevOps, Cloud and Agile Transformation in Banks with Rancher - Wipro & SUSE

FINOS Debrief 11 June 21

Understanding the InnerSource Checklist

FINOS Debrief 28 May 21

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OS in Finance Webinar - Accelerating DevOps, Cloud and Agile Transformation in Banks with Rancher

OS in Finance Webinar - FDC3 v1.2 Release Video

OS in Finance Webinar - Understanding the InnerSource Checklist

All FINOS Guest Presentations On YouTube | FINOS YouTube Channel 




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