FINOS in the News - Financial Times: Platforms vie to become the connective tissue of Wall Street

January 31, 2020

The Financial Times' Richard Henderson recently reported that "Automation of trading has brought a new challenge of integrating disparate systems. Big banks and asset managers are grappling with a common problem: how to link the scores of computer programmes that dominate today’s markets." FINOS, as well as our members: Citi, Goldman Sachs, J.P. Morgan, Symphony, Wells Fargo, HSBC, OpenFin, ChartIQ, and Glue42 were all mentioned in the article.

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In recent years trading has become highly automated, relying on huge amounts of data coursing down the fibre-optic wires that link fund managers to banks and exchanges. Even the most hidebound corners of capital markets, such as fixed income, have lurched into the modern age as bond traders have dropped the phone for the keyboard to buy and sell. This means data must move cleanly and seamlessly between different systems to avoid lags and errors. 

Hence the rising interest in special platforms that can combine systems across trading, portfolio management and investment banking, reducing the risk of glitches by allowing data based on one standard to be used across a range of applications. Helping the banks do that are providers such as OpenFin, Glue42 and ChartIQ, each hoping to become the connective tissue of Wall Street.

Across all of the banks there is lots of legacy software,” said Tosha Ellison, a director of FINOS, an industry association. “A lot of it is still core to day-to-day processes and still works — it’s about being able to hook those systems together.”


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