Programs are the fundamental building block of our community. It's through programs that industry participants typically become first engaged with FINOS, often leading to lasting cross-firm collaborations aimed at solving common challenges . 


The FDC3 is a standards group whose mission is to develop protocols and taxonomies for local communication between financial desktop apps
FinServ Developer Experience Program
The Financial Development Experience (“FDX”) program is focused on solving some of the unique challenges developers in financial services and fintech face due in part to the highly regulated and risk sensitive nature of the industry.
Hadouken is the open source core of the OpenFin OS, a secure user agent for running web apps with native experience and interoperability
Open Source Readiness
The Open Source Readiness (“OSR”) program helps address the unique obstacles financial services firms face with open source collaboration - legal & regulatory concerns, internal policies, cultural friction, and heavily restricted technology environments.
The Symphony program is focused on interoperability of tools and applications built on top of the Symphony platform
Financial Objects
The Financial Objects program is focused on identifying standardized structured objects that support Financial Services industry workflows
FINOS' voice program fosters collaborative development related to voice technologies, voice metadata, and voice APIs
Plexus Interop
Program aim is to enable development of extensible workflows connecting independent desktop apps developed by different organizations in different technologies (.NET, Web, Java, Python, etc.) by passing relevant context (structured data objects) between those apps.


Overcoming Obstacles to Open Source

Financial services firms may face various barriers, both real and perceived, that impede adoption of Open Source software and related software development practices. These obstacles include:
  • Corporate strategy considerations about maintaining competitive advantage and protecting trade secrets ("How can we compete if anyone can see our code?")
  • Legal & regulatory concerns
  • Incompatible internal policies
  • Cultural friction
  • Inhospitable technical environments and resistance from corporate IT departments


A goal of the Foundation is to collect, curate, and share leading practices and practical tools that have helped financial services firms (and leading companies from other industries) to adopt Open Source software practices.

FINOS helps its members organizations achieve efficient and compliant open source software strategic engagement as part of our Member Success initiatives, and is just one of many Membership Benefits.

How can FINOS help your firm

learn from your peers

FINOS produces and sponsors leadership and community events throughout the year, including our monthly Open Source in Fintech Event Series and our annual flagship event, the Open Strategy Strategy Forum in November.

Start the Open Source journey by joining one of our events or host an event with us.

Educational Material

Sharpen your skills, meet new people, and find opportunities to collaborate.


Getting Developers Connected to Tools and Practices

Just as organizations working in financial services may face unique obstacles when first using Open Source, developers building in (or for) the financial services industry often encounter challenges that their peers in other sectors may not face, or at least not to the same degree. These may include:

  • Firewalls that block access to popular code repositories
  • Traditional project management techniques and tools   
  • Mandated testing tools, frameworks, and practices
  • Compliance and IT audit policies

Helping financial services developers get trained and productive with Open Source, and improving the overall financial services developer experience for both new and experienced professionals, is central to our mission. 

The Open Developer Platform (ODP)

To help financial services developers working with open source, FINOS created the Open Developer Platform (ODP)The Open Developer Platform (ODP) is a collaborative initiative that delivers a secure and compliant sandbox for software development in the financial services world.


Practical, concrete, and proven techniques for how developers working with open source.

ODP case studies

Read how other organizations have expanded the use of Open Source software and related development practices: 

Code of Conduct

FINOS is committed to providing a welcoming, professional, and safe environment for every member of our community. Our Community Code of Conduct sets out clear, common-sense guidelines for respectful participation. If you learn of a violation, please report it to