FINOS Knowledge Base

FINOS Knowledge Base

From policies to presentations, FINOS provides valuable resources for those new to Open Source as well as those with years of experience. Check out our content below and get in touch if you have an idea for additional information we can develop or share.

white papers & case studies

Learn about real life business value of FINOS open source projects and standards:

Whitepaper: Business Value of Open Source for Financial Services Firms

Case Study: IHS Markit MTM Bot 



finos event DOWNLOADS & VIDEOS

Presentations, videos and photos from FINOS events.

Members Meeting May 2019

DEG Meetup March 2019

OSSF November 2018

Members Meeting June 2018

FINOS Launch Event April 2018

OSSF November 2017


policies and enablement

Important (strictly open source) policies for members, the community and the industry: 

Handbook: Open Source License Compliance

Reference FOSS Policy for Financial Services

FINOS Community Governance Policies