Community Spotlight

Community Spotlight

Community Spotlight: OSFF Europe Community Award Winners

August 01, 2022

For this month's FINOS Community Spotlight, we are excited to highlight the FINOS Europe Community Awards winners from this year's 2022 Open Source in Finance Forum London.

2022 OSSF London - Opening & Closing Remarks - Gabriele Columbro - v1

FINOS has the incredible opportunity to recognize the accomplishments of FINOS community leaders and contributors at our Open Source in Finance Forum twice a year. We are forever grateful to the growing FINOS Community and are pleased to celebrate the winners of the FINOS Europe Community Awards below. Well done, and congratulations to everyone who contributed to the growing success of the FINOS Community!

Below is the list of FINOS Europe Community Award winners:

  • Shining Star Award: Perspective Project 
    • The FINOS Shining Star Award is awarded to FINOS projects that demonstrate exceptional yearly growth by attracting Stargazers to their GitHub repos.
  • Spread the Word Award: Zngly and Ditto Team 
    • The FINOS Spread the Word Award is awarded to FINOS members and contributors that go above and beyond to magnify the impact and benefits of open source in financial services through FINOS.
  • Outstanding Leadership Award: Jessica Woodland-Scott / Deutsche Bank
    • The FINOS Outstanding Leadership Award is awarded to those who push the boundaries of their open source leadership to increase the impact and value of their FINOS project.
  • Newcomer Award: Claudiu Belu /  Cloudbase Solutions 
    • The FINOS Newcomer Award is awarded to new members of the FINOS Community who demonstrate a commitment to open source by actively contributing to project meetings, code commits, pull requests, and closing GitHub issues.
  • Coaching Award: Colin Eberhardt / Scott Logic 
    • The FINOS Coaching Award is awarded to those in FINOS who expand the knowledge and experience of others by selflessly demonstrating open source values from within the FINOS Community.
  • Most Active Individual Award: Kris West / Cosaic
    • The FINOS Most Active Individual Award is awarded to the person who has demonstrated a commitment to open source in FINOS through continuous contribution, project leadership, and moving the open source needle.

Thanks to our entire community for making the Open Source in Finance Forum London an incredible time. Your dedication to FINOS with your time, energy, and expertise is the strength and heart of who we are and helps us achieve our mission to share Open Source in Finance with the world.

Interested in FINOS open source projects? Click the link below to see how to get involved in the FINOS Community.

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