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TimeBase Community Edition Contributed to FINOS by EPAM

July 16, 2021

FINOS is proud to announce that EPAM's contribution of TimeBase Community Edition is now available for the FINOS Community to consume and leverage from the timebase-ce repository in GitHub.

TimeBase CE is an open source Apache 2 licensed time series database, streaming engine and messaging middleware for the financial markets domain. TimeBase CE is designed to solve business goals for both buy-side and sell-side institutions.




TimeBase CE is built on the idea of very fast population and retrieval of massive volumes of time-series data and delivering that data for subsequent use by both in-house and third-party software that meets the requirements of a wide range of businesses.

Developed by a team of domain experts, TimeBase CE covers practical needs such as:

  • Unified code base to work with both historical and real-time data at the same time.
  • Provision of market data from multiple sources simultaneously even for the same trading instrument.
  • Flexible schema-based data structure with embedded data serialization and modeling framework facilitates a smooth transition from rapid data prototyping to a production solution.
  • Web Interface capable of displaying data across multiple trading instruments in seconds.

Visit TimeBase Community Edition in FINOS to get involved or email for an open source team introduction.



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