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Community Blog

Promoting Open Source Collaboration

June 22, 2022

From our recent State of Open Source in Financial Services report, it indicates that financial organizations should engage in collaborative activities across various types of job functions to reap the benefits of open source.

There are many different areas of potential collaboration that can provide value to the industry. A diverse community of individuals with varying areas of interest and focus can create an ecosystem of open source projects and standards that touch many aspects of financial services. This includes an overall desire to improve innovation, consume more open source software to take the place of commodity functions, improve standards adoption, and increase the use of emerging but important information technology disciplines such as DevOps, AI/ML, and Cloud.

Contributing to open source projects can take many forms beyond developing and submitting code. For example, working on documentation, use cases, infrastructure, and helping to improve user experience by providing feedback are all helpful ways to support the open source community. FINOS can help get you started through open source initiatives like FINOS DevOps Mutualization and Special Interest Groups including Open Source Readiness and InnerSource

Many financial services organizations are embracing InnerSource as a step on the path to open source readiness. Learning the principles, processes and culture change required to openly collaborate can not only prepare developers for what to expect when contributing to open source projects, it can help break down internal silos and promote code reuse internally too." Clare Dillon, Executive Director, InnerSource Commons; Secretary, FINOS InnerSource SIG

To learn more download the full report here