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Open Source Readiness - Weekly Update - 2 May 2023

May 02, 2023

This year at FINOS we are focusing on one of FINOS' key existing projects: Open Source Readiness. This is FINOS' term for helping the finance industry "do open source properly". 

Greetings from New York! FINOS has gathered together in (extremely rainy and wet) New York this week for a bumper collection of activities culminating in the BMO Hackathon on Wednesday and Thursday.

But before that we have today’s Banks-Only OSR Roundtable at 11-12 PM (ET) or 4-5 PM (BST) (for Zoom attendees) held under Chatham House Rule.

The votes are in and we will be discussing Licenses, CLAs and License Compliance Management. As a SIG, these are topics close to our heart and we’ve been over them previously in many meetings. However, this time we have extensive peer-reviewed documentation to guide the discussion, so we’ll be reviewing what the SIG has contributed in previous sessions and seeing if we can shoot some holes in it! Join us for some target practice!

Event Details are on Github and the FINOS Calendar.

OSR at the FINOS Synechron Meetup

Synechron has hosted several top-notch FINOS meetups in the past and I was delighted to be a part of this one, taking the stage to talk about the progress made by the OSR SIG since announcing our new strategy at OSFF in December 2022.

I talked about how the SIG had come together and written articles across all manner of subjects - training, compliance, managing open source, software inventory, roles, risks, regulations - we’ve achieved a lot in a short time!


I was also able to talk about where this is heading - we want to change the narrative around open source in finance - not just small pockets of open source activism but broad-based acceptance across the industry of this new way of working and collaborating.


I talked about our desire to build training and certification and formalize the open source maturity that we’ve talked about in many of the previous OSR blog articles.  

At some point over the next few weeks I’ll make the presentation available on for everyone who couldn’t make it in person.


The evening culminated in a passionate discussion about the technicalities of open source in finance - very much like a good OSR SIG session! 

A great evening spent with some talented and passionate people.

Author: Rob Moffat


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