FINOS Events

FINOS Events


May 3, 2023, BMO
New York

On May 3-4, FINOS will run a Hackathon event, hosted by BMO (Times Square, New York City), to collaborate and innovate in solving real life problems within the financial space; the event is open to all developers employed (or sponsored) by a FINOS member

Network, code, learn and have fun!







This is the list of FINOS hosted projects that will help building your use cases & view the current use cases here:

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You can download a PDF version of this page.




FINOS Hackathon at BMO will host approximately 50 hackers / participants.

For the time being, we will accept up to 15 developers from the same organization to attend in person; all other registrations will join a waiting list, in case other registrants won't be able to make it.

We are in the process of collecting sample use cases; we will share them via email with registrants every 2 weeks.

Yes, during the first day we will give developers the opportunity to pitch their use cases; the sooner you share your use cases with us, the better, as it would increase the chance for other participants to express their interest. Feel free to submit your sample use case in the form above, or email

Yes, assuming that you work together with someone that attends the event in person, as you will not be able to pitch a use case or run a demo remotely. Also note that the team will need to figure out how to stay in touch; if you rely on videoconferencing tools, make sure to bring headphones.

That would be ideal! Teams can be either mixed, or composed by developers from the same firm. At the beginning of the event, there will be a team building session, guided by a coach.

The ideal number is 4 to 6, but we'll try to accommodate requests from smaller/bigger teams; please let us know by adding content in the "Questions and suggestions" form field.

Depends on registrations, but we're aiming at 8 to 12 teams.

We will provide separate breakout rooms for these purposes; there will also be a networking happy hour on the first evening which will provide more opportunities to mingle.

There will be food and soft drinks served throughout the entire event; please share your dietary requirements in the form below, more details will be shared with registrants ahead of the event.

Day 1 - May 3rd  - check-in 1.30pm , check-out 6pm
Day 2 - May 4th  - check-in 8am , check-out 6pm
Laptop, charger, ID. If you are working with a remote teammate, we encourage you to bring headphones for your videoconference.