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Open Source in Fintech Podcast: The Code Coverage Paradox - Diffblue

February 25, 2021
Season 3, 2nd edition of 2021 of the FINOS Open Source in Fintech Podcast: The Code Coverage Paradox - Diffblue's Enrico Trentin & Matthew Richards Interview.

FINOS OPEN SOURCE IN FINTECH PODCAST - The Code Coverage Paradox - Diffblue's Enrico Trentin & Matthew Richards Interview - 19 february 21


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In this podcast, our Director of Community, James McLeod has a chat with Enrico Trentin and Matthew Richards of Diffblue, primarily about the code coverage paradox, the theme of one of our recent Open Source in Fintech Meetups.
Enrico is the Diffblue Developer Relations Lead, and Matthew Richards (or Matt since there are two Matthews, and the other happens to be the CEO) is the Diffblue Head of Product. Diffblue is a new silver member of FINOS, and works on automating tedious and repetitive tasks for developers within unit testing, using AI or Artificial intelligence.
James is our Director of Community for FINOS, and host for many of our Open Source in Fintech Podcasts and Meetups.
During this interview Enrico and Matthew discuss unit testing and test driven development, the tradeoffs in software delivery for both the developer and business sides of the house, code coverage within the software development lifecycle, test quality, identifying which parts of your code introduce risk, and then AI or Artificial Intelligence in software development, driverless cars, Skynet, and the Terminator… hmmm…
So please enjoy this interview, check out our previous episodes, and subscribe to the podcast for some great upcoming discussions on open source, financial services, fintech, and how they all fit together.

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