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Introducing FDC3 Chrome Extension

May 08, 2020

We're excited to announce that the FDC3 Desktop Agent is now available as a FINOS hosted project at
The FDC3 Desktop Agent is an open source implementation of FDC3 as a Chrome Extension. Its purpose is to provide a quick and easy way for app developers to get started with the FDC3 APIs.  The extension makes FDC3 directly available to any web application in Chrome and provides a default App Directory with a number of demo apps available.  

Author: Nick Kolba - FDC3 Project Lead & Chair


HubSpot Video


Feedback, issues, and contributions are welcome and encouraged. See the contributing section for more information on how to contribute!
Thanks to the FDC3 the FINOS communities for all of the support in getting this project going and the very warm welcome!
FDC3 Chrome Extension


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