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FDC3 - Thinking in Intents

August 04, 2023

Intents in FDC3 are well-defined verbs that can be used to request and initiate actions across applications. They are a critical part of the vision for FDC3. Together with FDC3 Context Data and App Directories, Intents support loosely coupled discovery and sharing of functionality, enabling the assembly of applications as reusable components for building workflows. 

Security in FinServ Web Containers

With the recent contribution of the Electron-FDC3 project into FINOS, the questions of security, Electron, and desktop containers in finserv applications may be top of mind for some in the industry. So, I thought it might be helpful to provide a view of  the major security concerns for desktop containers, the current state of security in Electron, and the approach we’re taking in Electron-FDC3.

Building an open source ecosystem for FDC3

It’s been almost 5 years since the FDC3 standards initiative kicked off. In that time, FDC3 has grown from a gleam in the eyes of a handful of technologists to a living and thriving standard adopted by a critical mass of banks and buy-side firms as well as key data and service providers such as FactSet and Symphony. The success of the FDC3 standard has been driven by the heroic efforts of its community and maintainers, as well as by a real need in the market for an open solution to the application interop problem. 

Throughout this time, one critical piece of the ecosystem has been missing: a complete and fully open source implementation. Today I am excited to announce that this is no longer the case, and a fully Electron based open source implementation has been contributed to FINOS, where we are expecting it to be a critical resource for the FDC3 developer community.

Introducing FDC3 Chrome Extension

We're excited to announce that the FDC3 Desktop Agent is now available as a FINOS hosted project at
The FDC3 Desktop Agent is an open source implementation of FDC3 as a Chrome Extension. Its purpose is to provide a quick and easy way for app developers to get started with the FDC3 APIs.  The extension makes FDC3 directly available to any web application in Chrome and provides a default App Directory with a number of demo apps available.  

Author: Nick Kolba - FDC3 Project Lead & Chair

Introducing FDC3 1.1

The FDC3 community is delighted to announce the release of FDC3 1.1!  This is the first point update to the FDC3 standard since 1.0 was released a year ago. 1.1 has been an extremely collaborative process with active contribution and input from 10 different firms and a lot of input from teams putting 1.0 into production.  We especially want to give a huge thanks to all of the stakeholders who worked so hard to make this happen!

Be sure to check out the presentation that Nick Kolba, FDC3 Project Lead/Chair, gave during the FINOS virtual Meetup on April 1, 2020 below. It includes great information on FDC3 1.1.

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