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Zenith SIG: All Community Call Update

May 13, 2024
Missed our 2024 Q2 All Community Call? Watch this video clip to gain valuable insights into the Zenith SIG from Peter Smulovics of Morgan Stanley or read the transcript at the end.

 Slides From The Event:

2024Q2 - FINOS All Community Call-2


Peter Smulovics: [00:00:00] So everyone, if you don't know what Zenith is, it's a special interest group

focusing on emerging technologies. This is your gateway to knowledge in the world of emerging technology. We offer comprehensive insights, practical examples to help everyone thrive in the ever evolving landscape of technology and innovation. The platform that we created equips you with the knowledge and tools necessary to navigate the complexity of the digital age and achieve success.

Whether you are a curious bystander and just interested in this tech, or you want to understand the hype, or you have an established enterprise aiming to lead the way in one of the topics that we are looking at. The platform provides reliable insight that can propel everyone over this digital age. We are forming a brain trust.

These brains trusts are bringing together the combined might of innovation offices, innovation labs, researchers distinguished engineers across the FINOS membership and beyond. We seek to develop a forum of accredited trusted subject matter experts to bring them together and to have open discourses on current emerging technologies and readiness level.

So we are actually looking at this, what we call the technology readiness level, where we are rating and quantifying the maturity of emerging technologies that we do cover. We have a scale and we publish various primers on this scale. So what is a primer? We are looking at primer subjects, where we [00:01:30] are using these brain trust coupled with our own expertise in analysis, we create these very detailed presentations, documents, and so on.

These primers help anyone, regardless of their experience in a subject, to understand the fundamentals of any particular discipline combining video, written content, and so on, these are appropriate way to brief yourself, or a manager of yours, or somebody who has to make a decision in a particular discipline, and being your own journey of discovery, invention, innovation.

Our initial list of primary subject are things like artificial intelligence, natural language processing, spatial computing, robotics process automation, crypto agility, blockchain, DLT, IOT, 5N6G, quantum technology, space technology, cloud computing, spatial computing, net generation materials, advanced data processing, 4D printing, biotechnology, neural interfaces, so a lot of different projects.

As part of the Sandbox that going to be later mentioned as part of the today's All Hands Call, we now have a Web3 and DLT sandbox. That we have together with the companies Heather and Swirlds Labs. You can find more about these sandboxes and how you can access them and what you can do in them.

If you visit our website, we are looking for FINOS members both to join our brain trust and to sponsor the two of the projects that we have now pending. We also have a very interesting project that I actually have [00:03:00] running on my own phone, which is called Boxura, which enables you to fill out forms by just speaking languages, a very interesting project, and I suggest everyone to check it out.

So I would like to ask everyone, all the innovators, all that you would like to learn about these emerging technologies to join our SIG meetings. We have two sets of SIG meetings. We have the ones every fourth Thursday of the month, and we have one which is only for FINOS members and Brain Trust members every second Thursday of the month.

The motto that we say, I strongly personally believe it, that together we can redefine finance with the open source innovation. So thank you for the time and for listening. 


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