FINOS, the Fintech Open Source Foundation, and its research partners, GitHub, Linux Foundation Research, Red Hat and Scott Logic conducted a survey and key stakeholder interviews to understand the state of open source adoption, contribution, and readiness in the financial services industry. Download the report to learn more.

Report Abstract

In the three years we’ve run this survey, we’ve kept many questions the same or similar to evaluate year-on-year trends. This year’s report clearly shows that the industry is maturing. There is consistent recognition that open source is valuable to the financial services industry and individual organizations.

Organizations are implementing more OSPOs, defining clearer strategies, allowing more consumption, and allocating more time for contributions. Smaller organizations are having a significant impact, while it takes larger financial institutions more time to shift internal culture and embed open source best practices and tooling across their tens of thousands of employees. As the larger corporations catch up, we look forward to continued growth and engagement.

This report undertakes an exploration and juxtaposition of the prevailing landscape of open source adoption, contribution, leadership, and governance within the financial services sphere. Its focus is capturing the industry’s rapid evolution. Leaning on insights from subject matter experts at prominent organizations across the sector, the report illuminates strategic prospects and organizational merits stemming from open source. Furthermore, it probes the distinctive challenges faced by the industry, providing insights on how to solve them.



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