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Milestone and the Year to Come With FINOS Common Cloud Controls

December 14, 2023

FINOS Common Cloud Controls has accomplished significant milestones, since its conception in mid-2023, through the collaborative efforts of the "Define Cloud Services Taxonomy", "Engage with MITRE Threat Catalog" and "OSCAL Representation of FINOS CCC" working groups.

FINOS launches The Open Source Maturity Model, an agile framework that compliments the FINOS State of Open Source Survey

December 07, 2022

FINOS Open Source Readiness

The FINOS Open Source Readiness SIG’s (Special Interest Group) main mission is to engage with financial institutions and help them address challenges encountered when venturing into the world of open source consumption and collaboration, often to accelerate technology innovation and efficiency.

Enabling Open Source Projects with Impactful Engineering Experience

I often talk about “engineering experience” and the importance for open source projects to provide fast, easy and impactful ways for open source consumers to realise return on engagement.

Just like e-commerce stores that invest in user experience to encourage repeat sales, successful open source projects provide a slick installation, well written contextual documentation and a very compelling engagement model that encourages collaboration.

Journey to InnerSource with James McLeod of FINOS and Danese Cooper of NearForm

October 21, 2019

FINOS Director of Community, James McLeod was the inaugural guest of the new Nearform podcast - Journey to Innersource, with open source legend, Danese Cooper.


On a Mission to Grow the Financial Services Open Source Community

October 16, 2019

As the new FINOS Director of Community, I'm super excited about joining a fantastic team of Open Source experts as well as helping the FINOS community identify and deliver meaningful and impactful programs and projects. 

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