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Journey to InnerSource with James McLeod of FINOS and Danese Cooper of NearForm

October 21, 2019

FINOS Director of Community, James McLeod was the inaugural guest of the new Nearform podcast - Journey to Innersource, with open source legend, Danese Cooper.




With my first day at FINOS under my belt, I was extremely honoured to speak with Danese Cooper, VP of Special Initiatives at NearForm, about the Lloyds engineering journey to InnerSource that I was fortunate to lead as a Lloyds Banking Group Engineering Lead. 

In this first episode of Danese’s podcast and blog, you’ll learn how Lloyds Banking Group overcame the challenges of establishing InnerSource in banking, where regulation and risk impacted engineering collaboration, by bringing engineers together through Communities & Guilds and how this led to the introduction of GitHub Enterprise, which combined with a ground up engineering push, sparked the Lloyds InnerSource movement.

Be sure to listen to Danese’s InnerSource podcast and read the awesome blog that covers these fundamental topics on driving the successful adoption of InnerSource: Secure Your Aircover, Alleviate People’s Fears, Address Problems Head-on, Learn to Adapt, Find Your Diamonds and Start Small.

Podcast : Journey to InnerSource - Danese Cooper and James McLeod


Blog : 7 Lessons on a Journey to InnerSource


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