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Open Source is the medicine for technology obsolescence in financial services - and for COVID isolation

December 23, 2020

FINOS Executive Director, Gabriele Columbro, discusses the challenges we’ve faced in 2020 and the opportunity and imperative to consider how open source can address industry challenges. 2020 was a great year for FINOS with record contributions from banks, highlighting the progress financial services has made in being able to contribute to open source projects. This is just the start and sets us up for growth across the financial services ecosystem next year, where you all have an important role to play. 

2020 FINOS Open Source in Fintech Podcast Episodes

December 22, 2020

Did you know that FINOS has a podcast? Our Director of Community, James McLeod, and Marketing Manager, Grizz Griswold regularly speak with our community about FINOS projects and interesting topics at the cross section of financial services and open source.

We’re working on a few changes to our podcast in 2021 including expanding the type and quality of content we bring you. Prompted by the “uh oh, Covid, what do we do when we can’t engage people through in-person events” experience that challenged many early this year, our podcasts in 2020 were based around interviews from the virtual meetups we started in April.
In the coming year, we will continue to speak with FINOS project leaders, members, and other industry thought leaders, but we'll also start including panel discussions and fireside chats that you may have missed from some of our events. We'll explore case studies, conduct deep dives, and include even more of our community members addressing your common questions that come up during project meetings and office hours. Basically, we're up for anything that we can do to provide you with more value within the world of open source, financial services, and fintech.
This podcast is now available on our website, but also on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, and

Below are all the podcasts we produced in 2020.

Open Source Strategy Forum 2020 Recap

November 20, 2020

Last week we held our 4th annual Open Source Strategy Forum, the only conference dedicated to driving collaboration and innovation in financial services through open source. In our two day virtual conference, more than 75 speakers with expertise in finance, technology, and open source, delivered just over 50 presentations. As with previous years, we had great representation from financial services with around 40% of registrants from sell- and buy-side firms alongside a great mix of other key industry participants, including tech, fintech, data, and services firms, as well as other non-profits, industry associations and even financial regulators.


How open source software is transforming financial services - guest post by intel

November 19, 2020
“Democratising code means that industry problems can be solved with community intelligence.”
Ever-increasing amounts of data and the rise of the cloud mean that the Financial Services Industry (FSI) must continuously innovate to keep up with the rapidly evolving business landscape. While financial enterprises may have opted to develop proprietary systems in the past, there is now a shift towards participating in open source software projects.
Guest Post by: Libby Plummer, Technology Writer, Intel
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