This Week At FINOS

This Week At FINOS

This Week at FINOS: Week of July 26, 2021

July 26, 2021
Here's what's happening in the week of July 26th, 2021 within the FINOS community. Please forward this email to colleagues and industry partners who you think will be interested in FINOS. 

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Monday, July 26th

  •  10am ET / 3pm BST.  Product Control Common Template project


Tuesday, July 27th


Wednesday, July 28th

  • 10am ET / 3pm BST.   Can the Internet of Things Transform Retail Banking?

Thursday, July 29th

  • 9am ET / 2pm BST.  FDC3 Channels, Feeds & Transactions Discussion group
    • There are currently 11 open issues in the FDC3 repository, under consideration for the 2.0 release, that relate to the existing concept of channels (both the 'system channels' used via the desktop agent API, and 'app channels' interacted with through the Channels API) and new concepts we've discussed introducing: transactions (a standardized way to make a request and receive a response back) and feeds (a standardized way to request a stream of data, such as a pricing stream).
    • Calendar invite | Webex | Agenda
  • 10am ET / 3pm BST.  Cloud Service Certification Project Bi-Weekly Meeting
    • Cloud Service Certification accelerates the development, deployment, and adoption of services provided for AWS, Azure, and Google in a way that meets existing regulatory and internal security controls.
    • Calendar invite | Webex | Agenda


  • 11am ET / 4pm BST.   Legend Community Meeting: New features Deep Dive
  • 12am ET / 5pm BST.   DevOps Mutualization SIG: Automated Change Deployment Working Group
    • DevOps Mutualization aims to solve common engineering problems by providing a continuous compliance and assurance approach to DevOps that mutually benefits banks, auditors, and regulators whilst accelerating DevOps adoption in engineering and fintech IT departments.
    • Calendar invite | Webex | Agenda

Friday, July 30th

  • 9:30am ET / 2:30pm BST.  FDC3 PMC Meeting


Upcoming events:

Join us Thursday, July 29th at 11am ET (4pm BST) via WebEx for the Legend Community Meeting: New Features Deep Dive to learn about the most recently open sourced features.

Have a great week and please contact me at if you have any questions and especially if you would like to present at a future FINOS virtual meetup.


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