Friday Update Newsletter - 10 September 21

September 10, 2021





Happy Friday! In this issue we're excited to welcome a new FINOS team member, announce the OSSF NYC agenda, boast about our podcast, and as always, look for ways for you to get involved with the FINOS Community.




Welcome new finos team member - kenny demeo 

It is our pleasure to announce the appointment of Kenny DeMeo as Sr. Director of Marketing. As a key member of the leadership team, Kenny will oversee FINOS’s marketing and branding efforts and shape strategies to expand and amplify FINOS’s standing as the premier foundation for open source collaboration in financial services. ​​Please join us in welcoming Kenny ( or on Slack)!

Read More About Kenny



Earlier this week, the Linux Foundation announced the agenda for our New York Open Source Strategy Forum. We have a great lineup with a diverse set of content that should appeal to a wide range of individuals in financial services. Please check out the agenda and do check back regularly as we're still confirming speakers. And don't forget to register early!

OSSF New York Agenda | OSSF New York Registration

OSSF London AgendaOSSF London Registration

More information about OSSF


MEMBERS ATTEND OSSF & the member meeting FREE 

This is a quick reminder that one of the perks of FINOS membership is attending the Member Meeting and Open Source Strategy Forum free! If you haven't already received the Access Code for your member organization please email to get it. (And if you're not a member, maybe now is the time to consider becoming one.)






FINOS and the Symphony BDK project team are excited to announce that Symphony BDK for Python has been successfully contributed to FINOS, providing a library of tools and intelligent API bindings that provides an ultra simplified configuration and authentication setup, intuitive message and room management, and a new activities API that makes it easy to facilitate bot workflows.

Read More About The Contribution & Project Here Leverage Symphony BDK for Python on GitHub


community SPOTLIGHT

In this and upcoming newsletters, we'll be spotlighting OSSF speakers, particularly from our FINOS Community. This week we spotlight:

Kris West, Cosaic - Open Source in Finance Podcast Interview - FDC3 Fast & Easy

Tamara Chehayeb Makarem, Scott Logic + Alejandra Villagra, Citi + Jane Gavronsky, FINOS - Panel: Women's Career Progression: Journeys within Fintech

Amanda Brock, Open Innovation Network - Banking on Open: Ensuring the Continued Growth of OSS in Fintech


FINOS Open Source in Finance PODCAST: #11

Last week, the FINOS Open Source in Finance podcast was ranked #11 out of the Top 40 Open Source podcasts by Feedspot, which is a human curated list (and the podcast has been rising on Apple and Spotify charts as well). Thank you to all of our listeners in internet-podcast-land!

Feedspot Top 40 Open Source Podcasts | OS in Finance Podcast


join us


upcoming finos events

4-5 October 21 - Members Meeting & Open Source Strategy Forum - London

More Info & Register Here

6 October 21 - OSPOCon Europe - London (The day after OSSF London)

More Info & Register Here

9-10 November 21 - Members Meeting & Open Source Strategy Forum - NYC

More Info & Register Here



Subscribe and listen to our podcasts on Open Source in Finance. 

FDC3 Fast & Easy - Kris West

Debunking Common Fears About Open Source - Danese Cooper

FINOS Debrief for 20 August 21

Understanding Copyleft

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