FINOS: Friday Update Newsletter - 22 May 20

May 22, 2020
We hope you are all staying safe (and sane) during these times.

Read below to keep up to date with the many activities happening at FINOS.

Secure Electron Adapter (SEA) CONTRIBUTION

The Secure Electron Adapter (SEA) was contributed to FINOS by FINOS member ChartIQ a couple of weeks ago. SEA provides an easy way to secure applications running in Electron - a container for building desktop applications with web technology - making its use appropriate for financial institutions. It acts as a firewall, intermediating API calls within a permission structure that mitigates the risk of running third party content in a desktop container. If you were unable to attend the FINOS Virtual "Meetup" on SEA this week, here are the links to Kris West and Ian Mesner's video and slides about "How to Secure the Electron Container for Capital Markets."

Meetup Video and Slides

SEA Demo

Open Sourcing Secure Electron Adapter

FINOS SEA Documentation Site

FINOS SEA GitHub Repository



FINOS member EPAM announced their intention to contribute a new project to FINOS, EPAM GLUE, focused on delivering a unified entity and data model for the buy side. Below are links to an announcement to the FINOS Community, and then the video, slides, and podcast from the FINOS Virtual "Meetup" we conducted with Heiko Sundermann, VP & Head of Digital Engagement Practice for Wealth and Asset Management.

Contribution Announcement

Meetup Video and Slides

Meetup Podcast


FINOS Virtual Meetups

As part of our continued commitment to provide value to our Members and our greater Community, FINOS is expanding our use of virtual meetings and digital communication. Upcoming Meetups are listed here. We're posting the videos and slides here in our Community Blog, and we've also started a podcast from this meetup series.

Register: Upcoming Meetup: June 4th - Faking it - How to Easily Create Realistic Test Data

Register: Upcoming Meetup: June 17th - Financial services after Covid-19 : Open Source paves the way

More Info: Upcoming OSR Project Meeting : May 27th - Jeff Bates of Google - Google Cloud Platform and OSS

Podcast: April 15th - Petyo Ivanov, Product Manager, Glue42

Podcast: April 29th - Heiko Sundermann, VP, EPAM

Video: May 13th - Open Source Technology to Build and Constantly Evolve a Low Code Application Platform

Video: May 13th - Open Source Readiness Project Meeting - Chris Aniszczyk, COO of CNCF - Lessons Learned from TODO Group / Kubernetes / CNCF

FINOS Open Source in Fintech Podcast on & Spotify




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